Obama stands against freedom, justice

By Joseph Farah

Whom do you think Barack Obama despises more – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or anyone who disagrees with him?

He answered the question last week.

Despite the fact that the Republican establishment has coddled Obama for seven years, despite the fact that he has faced no meaningful opposition from the GOP during his tenure and despite the fact that his policies have failed miserably even with a lack of opposition, he told a Democratic fundraiser in San Francisco Friday that he is fighting a three-front war against Trump, Ted Cruz and Republicans generally.

“I actually think that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have done us a favor,” he said. “It has stripped away any veneer of responsible governance from what had been the central tenets of an awful lot of Republicans in both the House and the Senate during the course of my presidency and before that.”

He added that the battle over Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland – whose selection is being held up in the Republican-controlled Senate – is not just about immigration, abortion and voting rights. “It’s about can our democracy work,” he said.

“Things are even more messed up in the House,” said Obama.

Obama also singled out the House Freedom Caucus, a group of about 45 conservative Republican lawmakers attempting to maintain the Constitution’s protections of individual liberty.

Trump and Cruz are “saying the same things that these members of the Freedom Caucus in the House have been saying for years. In fact, that’s where Trump got it. … He said, you know what? I can deliver this message with more flair, with more panache.”

Couple Obama’s problem with “freedom” and his problem with “justice.”

On Sunday, as I covered in my column Tuesday, Obama tipped his hand regarding whether or not Hillary Clinton will face justice for what even he described as her “carelessness” with national security secrets.

He all but told the nation that he is pre-emptively pardoning her of any high crimes she may have committed.

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Claiming he has not and will not get involved in the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton currently being conducted by an army of FBI agents, Obama then went on to express his strong belief that she did nothing wrong.

How can Obama claim not to be getting involved in a criminal case he comments on publicly time and time again – especially when the target of that investigation is the woman leading the field to succeed him as president?

That is the most blatant and transparent kind of political interference a president could conduct.

If only Obama would conduct a war against ISIS as vigorously as he wages his three-front war against his domestic political enemies, perhaps America and the world would be safer places.

How does one short-hand Obama’s last year in office? How would one summarize his behavior and conduct? It’s much like his first seven: He is fighting tooth and nail against the last vestiges of liberty and justice.

It’s just that simple.

Never before in American history has a president posed the biggest threat to the country’s best interests. He’s America’s No. 1 enemy. He’s freedom’s No. 1 enemy. He’s justice’s No. 1 enemy.

While he’ll soon be gone, one who would carry on his legacy – a person even more transparently ruthless – is preparing to take his place in the White House.

Her name is Hillary Clinton.

If she succeeds, she will finish the job of destroying America’s most basic commitment to freedom and justice.

And what about the opposition?

They’re at war with each other – hardly even mentioning Obama and Hillary. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and the Republican establishment seem bent on self-destruction as they refuse to notice they are positioned in the form of a circular firing squad.

Amazing. Sad. Tragic.

The opportunity for changing America’s direction in 2016 is being squandered – much like it was in 2008 and 2012.

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