Obama’s destruction of our military ethos

By Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

America has no kings or queens, but we do have a nobility. America’s nobility is our military. Before we had a country, we had a military – we would have no country without our nobility, a strong military. Who could not know that? But the military is being savaged as never before.

In the latest assault we hear that the American Army can no longer afford the best equipment for our soldiers! Do we care so little for our nobility that we will send them into combat ill equipped? A new term has been coined by the Army to highlight the resource disaster: “Increased velocity of instability.” The old term was hollow; we now are going beyond hollow.

There is a story about a three-legged pig that illustrates some of what is happening to our military. A farmer was asked why his pig only had three legs. He replied, “You see that pig. One night our house caught on fire while we were asleep. Without regard for his own life, the pig raced into the house squealing away, he went from bedroom to bedroom waking us up. He dragged our baby out the door and saved all our lives.”

What has that got to do with the three legs? “Well, dummy,” said the farmer, “you don’t eat a pig like that all at once.”

In addition to the physical amputation of the force, President Obama has added to the 2017 defense budget language that mandates equal opportunity to all “regardless of their gender, their race, or their self identity.” The military has led the league in unbiased opportunity, but what the hell is self identity?

Before Obama, and our military leadership introduced sodomy into our barracks and military neighborhoods, I predicted his goal was to quad-sexualize the military. It is here. The pig will soon have only two legs, but worse, Obama is tearing its heart out; he is attacking the ethos of our military, our morale, our traditional values.

We now have an unprecedented outburst of anti-Christian and anti-heterosexual bias and bigotry in our military. Military chaplains cannot survive in the current atmosphere. We need only look at suicide and stress statistics to know that military morale, its ethos, the essence of military excellence, is under assault.

Add to the health and readiness issues associated with sodomy the insertion of females in foxholes and you have an assault on the ethos of the military unprecedented in our history.

I lived through a hollow military. The term was coined by a former Army chief of staff as a warning against the cuts of the Carter administration after the Vietnam War. It is not unusual post-crisis to witness a political class mania to enfeeble the heroes of the crisis and divert resources to where they see votes.

Gen. Brady tells the inspiring, miraculous story of his days as a Dust Off air ambulance pilot in Vietnam. Get his newly reissued book, autographed: “Dead Men Flying: Victory in Viet Nam”

We are often surprised by the crisis, but in the past we had a foundation, that is a force structure, contingency plans, weapons systems, training standards – and an ethos – that allowed quick recovery and response to any threat. The ethos was sacrosanct. No longer.

Today’s military is moving beyond hollow to a point where the foundation and ethos themselves are being destroyed. And I believe it is all premeditated, a part of the Obama’s promise to transform us, a Pontus Pilate kind of doctrine. He washed his hand in the Iranian riots, in Syria where he became Putin’s pretzel, in Iraq, in Benghazi and on every battlefield where he put victory in the hands of the enemy by announcing a date of withdrawal. It is not quite a hell no, I won’t go – the key is if we are weak enough, Obama can say we would like to go but can’t.

America is impotent without a strong military – and so is American policy. Our military strength is the one sure force for peace in the world. It deters the bad guys – not only from attacking us but others as well. Weakness emboldens evil and forces our involvement.

All the sheep and chickens in the world – and many liberals – would like for everyone to be vegetarians. It won’t happen, there are too many wolves out there. Yet how could any objective, informed person not be alarmed by the deliberate dismantling of our military, the benching us from the field of world affairs? But why?

The current administration is driven by the insanity that you can you can get what you want in an evil, bloodthirsty violent world without the capacity and willingness to employ violence. Real power to Obama is results without violence or fear of violence. He believes that he can draw a verbal red line in the sand and the power of that mythical line will prevent violence. He does not realize that his failure to enforce the red line was viewed by the world as a yellow streak down our back, and they immediately crossed the line and kicked sand in our face.

It is easy to blame the assault on our military on a merely incompetent man who has taken leadership to dithering heights, who confuses corpse with corps, who coined the term leading from behind (the king of all oxymorons) who trades a traitor for terrorists and cannot speak the name of our enemy. But I believe his motives for military ruination go beyond incompetence.

This is a man who promised to fundamentally transform America to his image and likeness. Some of those efforts have been thwarted by a pesky Constitution. There are less thwarts from the military where the commander in chief reigns pretty much supreme. And in a Congress devoid of military experience (as is every candidate this election) and testicular fortitude, who will stop him?

Certainly not the military. We have a feminized, cowed military leadership (who actually put men in high heels) and a Department of Defense devoid of real combat experience and without the balls to stand up and scream stop – until they retire and write books.

Ignorance of military matters is one thing and can be overcome, but ignorance of the importance of military might, and violence, in promoting peace worldwide and protecting America is deadly. Men and materiel are replaceable, but not morale and ethos. And that is the key – ethos.

If one is to transform America from what we are to Obama’s image and likeness, one must begin with the military, the protector of what we are, the vault for our values. And the key to our military is its ethos. Destroy that and you are well on the way to transforming America as Obama promised – and putting our head on the block for all the axemen of the world.

Medal of Honor recipient Gen. Patrick Brady tells the inspiring, miraculous story of his days as a Dust Off air ambulance pilot in Vietnam. Get his newly reissued book, autographed: “Dead Men Flying: Victory in Viet Nam”

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