Obama’s U.N. climate cultists

By Phil Elmore

Regardless of the intent at its inception, the United Nations has one mission in the modern world: to give coalitions of nations that hate the United States more sway while diminishing the influence of what has for years been the world’s only superpower.

Thanks to the disastrous policies and feckless, limp-wristed “leadership” of President Obama and his fellow travelers in our government, America’s domestic enemies – the Democrats and the United Nations members plotting on our soil – have nearly succeeded in laying low the once-proud United States. As China and Russia increase defense spending, Obama cuts it. As nations suffer devastating attacks and mass murders on the world stage, Obama blames American freedom and American gun ownership. And as terrorism rages around the globe, Obama and others like him, such as Hillary Clinton (even now poised, like the sword of Damocles, to seize control of our nation), refuse even to use terms like “Islamist terrorism.” No, Obama and his fellow Democrat lemmings believe the greatest threat to the United States is “climate change.” They’ve repeatedly said as much, causing sane Americans to trade incredulous glances and to wonder: How can liberals be so absurdly, suicidally stupid?

Never mind that “progressives” have been elaborately freaking out over weather patterns that have repeatedly, embarrassingly, obstinately refused to match their dire predictions. Never mind that the same people once forecast a new ice age in our immediate future. Never mind that “global warming” became “climate change” when the aforementioned warming slowed, stopped, or “paused.” Never mind that the sky-is-falling warnings made by the Pope of Climate Change, Al Gore, have fallen to a series of “inconvenient truths” since the release of Gore’s propaganda-laden documentary. Liberals always insist, no matter how many times we catch them lying or falsifying figures, no matter how many times their climate models are wrong, that we trust them to be correct this next time. Why, what have we got to lose by erring on the side of caution … except, well, any hope of economic prosperity?

According to the Wall Street Journal, “[o]ne of the biggest events of the past year in energy and environmental policy was the Paris climate talks. More countries than ever have pledged significant carbon cuts. Yet in many people’s views, those pledges fall far short of what a lot of scientists say is necessary.” Now, stop and consider that for a moment. Cuts that would severely impair industry, cuts that would hamstring the American economy, aren’t nearly enough for the climate change cultists. They want more. They demand more, in fact. It never ends. Liberal hatred for industry and progressive ignorance of economics have no lower limit. Just when you think there is a point at which they’ll refuse to cut their own throats while slashing the necks of better Americans, they’ll demand the knife and prove you wrong.

The Journal’s Kimberley Strassel interviewed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the topic of the Paris climate talks. Ban expressed his gratitude to Obama and China’s Xi Jinping for their “leadership and strong commitment” as the “two largest [carbon] emitters of the world.” There is no comparison between heavily regulated U.S. industry and China, a nation so choked with pollution that it had to ban all automotive travel ahead of the Beijing Olympics just to bring the deadly smog to manageable levels. But then, at a recent session of the U.N. Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia (which holds considerable influence on the council) defended its choice to torture and execute homosexuals. No statement, no value judgment, no condemnation or characterization from any U.N. figure should have any credibility with sane people – but that did not stop Ban Ki-moon from opining on how the U.S. would be “shamed” into crippling its economy to meet global climate alarmists’ impossible goals for carbon emission reductions.

“This is an international agreement,” Ban sniffed. “[T]hus, it’s obligatory. … And there is much, much more possibility that member states will have an opportunity to verify which country has done how much. This is an obligatory clause. … These are very strict peer reviews. Every year there’s a UNFCCC meeting [U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change] to review all this. But every five years, there would be four-month review-and-reporting sessions, and therefore, for their own national economy and the world economy, every country has an interest to keep their promise. … We are not going to shame, but everybody knows which country is doing what and how much they are doing. Everybody has an interest to fully comply.”

Ban, a self-destructive progressive to the last, doubled down on Obama’s absurd statements concerning climate change and terrorism, agreeing with President Hope-and-Change that climate change was the greater threat. ISIS is mounting increasingly sophisticated mass-murder attacks on the major industrial nations of the world, sawing off heads and throwing homosexuals and Christians off buildings, but according to Ban, climate change “is a much, much more serious issue. Of course, terrorism, extremism must be defeated. But look at the consequences. Terrorism terrifies the people of the world, but climate change does not respect any borders. It affects a whole humanity, it affects our planet Earth.”

Obama, Ban Ki-moon, progressives and all climate change activists are self-destructive fools. These are people who believe destroying Western industry through burdensome emissions legislation – against limits that their true believers in the scientific community admit don’t go nearly far enough to suit them – is a greater priority than defending the West against the depredations of the most dangerous death cult in the world. President Coolidge famously said that the business of America was business. Today’s progressives believe the business of American government is threatening business. That attitude won’t change even when Obama and his laughably corrupt U.N. cronies feel the steel of an Islamist’s blade against their own necks. They would sooner die than make a decision that benefits the United States … and they will gladly see to it that you die right along with them.

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