Only sure path to non-establishment GOP nominee

By Joseph Farah

There are only two ways to ensure a non-establishment Republican presidential nominee in 2016.

  1. Either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz wins the prerequisite number of delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot of the convention; no one else even has a chance. But it is hardly a sure thing that either of them can given the contentious nature of the campaign between these rivals.
  2. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz make peace and agree together – quietly – that they will not permit the convention to be thrown into a free-for-all that will surely deny both of the contenders the top spot on the Republican ballot.

Right now, neither of these options looks likely. Certainly, neither is a sure thing.

While I’m all for Trump and Cruz continuing to run hard-fought campaigns to win the delegates needed, it’s time for the two candidates to hold a secret summit to make a deal that they will not allow a Paul Ryan to steal the nomination in a backroom deal between the establishment kingmakers who have made a mess of the party for far too long.

How can this happen when Trump is saying he doesn’t even want Cruz’s support and Cruz is suggesting he might not support Trump if he wins the nomination?

It won’t be easy. But this is a big political test for both.

They each need to decide if they are willing to allow the establishment to choose the candidate who will almost certainly lose to Hillary Clinton and continue the party’s free-fall into alienation with grass-roots Republican voters.

Here’s what they both need to do to help their cause at this point:

  • Lay off each other and focus their attacks on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. They should shake hands on the deal.
  • They should each agree, secretly, that if either wins the nomination on the first ballot, the winner chooses the other as vice presidential running mate or a Supreme Court nomination. Trump probably wouldn’t want it, but it would be enough to ensure Cruz doesn’t align with the anybody-but-Trump establishment. If Cruz sees he can’t win on the first ballot, he can provide Trump with enough delegates to win. That should be part of the deal – and vice versa. Should Cruz pull off a late miracle and win, Trump gets to name his price for support.

What’s wrong with this plan?

Nothing, as far as I can see.

Without it, the convention could be wide open for establishment shenanigans and the coronation of their white knight, Ryan, who would be our worst nightmare – a guy who couldn’t even win his own home state as the vice-presidential nominee in 2012.

What’s right with this plan?

It ensures the Republican nominee is someone who will do the following as president:

  • Seal the border;
  • Repeal Obamacare;
  • Right the economy;
  • Fight political correctness;
  • Prosecute Hillary;
  • Name good Supreme Court justices;
  • Push the Republican Congress to return the country to constitutionally limited government;
  • Overturn every one of Barack Obama’s executive orders;
  • Make America Great Again.

It’s time to put egos aside.

It’s been a rough campaign. But it’s getting down to the wire.

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Neither Trump nor Cruz is the demon he’s been portrayed as. Trump could benefit from an alliance with Cruz, just as he admits he benefited from his donations to Hillary and other Democrats over the years. And Cruz’s campaign has demonstrated he’s a popular force to be reckoned with. Who wouldn’t want him as a political ally now?

Am I the only grownup in the room?

Are Trump and Cruz both willing to throw the 2016 election to Hillary by taking their ball and going home?

Is this really all about ego and personal empowerment, or do we have a country at stake?

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