Out-hustling Trump

By WND Staff

I really don’t have a problem with what Ted Cruz is doing, and I don’t say that just because I am a Cruz supporter [“It’s just politics, people!”].

If Donald Trump can’t win on the first ballot, then he does not have a “right” to win. Cruz’s organization is out-hustling Trump’s, and The Donald should have known the rules going in. The delegates will have to face the voters in their precincts and states if they go against the will of the voters who sent them to the convention.

Remember, Trump did not win even a majority of the vote in Arizona, and I would expect, on the second ballot, that the delegates will be allocated roughly along the proportion of the votes received in the primary.

Another way to look at this: Is it fair to give ALL of the delegates to a candidate who did not win a majority of the vote in that state?

Vance Wade

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