President Obama visits mosque in Maryland in January.

President Obama visits mosque in Maryland in January.

  • In Germany, following a wave of Islamic immigration, one political party is considering a call for shutting down all of the country’s mosques in a desperate bid to prevent terrorist attacks, rape sprees and other acts of violence and Muslim domination.
  • In the U.S., President Obama marked the new year by visiting a mosque and has invested a great deal of effort to downplay the connection between Islam and terrorism, while leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has proposed temporarily halting all Muslim immigration.
  • A growing chorus of U.S. politicians, pundits and scholars are calling for closer monitoring of U.S. mosques, the number of which has grown exponentially since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people on U.S. soil.

Experts on Islamic terrorism are calling the estimated 2,500 to 3,100 mosques in America “ticking time bombs.”

Every state now has at least one. California and New York lead the way, each with more than 500 mosques, followed by Texas with just over 300.

As the number of mosques increase, so do acts of Islamic terror in the U.S.

FBI Director James Comey told Congress recently that his agency is stretched to the limit trying to keep up with nearly 1,000 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states, and that does not include probes tied to al-Qaida, al-Shabab or other Islamic groups.

While the FBI is able to foil the vast majority of Islamic terror plots, last year was particularly bloody with jihadist shootings in Chattanooga that killed five U.S. servicemen and another attack that took 14 lives at a Christmas party in San Bernardino.

Jihadist knife attacks at a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, and on the campus of University of California at Merced have recently injured at least a dozen others, some critically.

And everyone is jittery after what happened in Brussels, Belgium, last month.

Of the thousands of mosques in America, nearly 80 percent of them have been opened since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

There are now as many as 3,000 mosques in America and nearly 80 percent of them have been opened since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

There are now as many as 3,000 mosques in America and nearly 80 percent of them
have been opened since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Listening to politicians in Congress and on presidential stump speeches, Americans might get the idea that ISIS is to blame for all of this violence. It uses the Internet to “poison the minds” of young Muslims, they say. But seven Islam experts and former Muslims contacted by WND say it’s not that simple and the problem goes beyond ISIS.

The root of the problem, they all agree, lies in the mosque.

Dr. Mark Christian, president and founder of the Global Faith Institute, which seeks to educate Americans about the true nature of mainstream Islam, says about 80 percent of the roughly 2,800 U.S. mosques are controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose stated goal is to bring the nations into compliance with Shariah law.

“You have a new mosque opening every week in America,” says Christian, a former child imam who grew up in Egypt the son of a Muslim Brotherhood operative before fleeing his homeland and converting to Christianity as a young adult.

Christian, now 44 and living in Nebraska under the threat of a fatwa, said the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies don’t understand the source of Islamic violence. They have focused for years on learning about the ties of individual Muslims to groups like al-Qaida or ISIS when in fact they should be going to mosques and learning about the Quran and hadiths. All the answers are there, in the texts and in the mainstream Islamic interpretations of the texts, if they would only look.

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So what are people being taught in the overwhelming majority of mosques?

Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.

Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity
as an adult.

Christian, who memorized two-thirds of the Quran by the age of 14, says he knows exactly what is being taught.

He said if you look at the jihadist attacks over the years in the U.S. and Europe you will find a common theme.

“The problem is you have law enforcement agents walking into a mosque but they are looking for the wrong thing,” he said. “They are trying to monitor mosques (back when they were allowed to do that before President Obama) to try to find dirt and what they will find is people seeking spiritual salvation, something all of us will look at as an honorable thing, but they are missing the ticking bomb.”

The key is in how the Muslim finds his salvation.

Christian said if you look at the lives of the 9/11 hijackers, the Boston bombers, the Chattanooga shooter, the attackers on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, and the Paris and Brussels’ attacks, you will find a group of young men whose lifestyles were not exactly pious.

Some smoked marijuana and partied at nightclubs, some watched pornography or committed fornication. All had gone through a phase where they were not practicing the five pillars of Islam which all good Muslims must observe.

Three kinds of Muslims

Christian says there are essentially three kinds of Muslims.

“There is a group who decided they will do the long-haul approach and try their best every day to work hard at fulfilling the five pillars of Islam,” he said. “Then you have the second type who just gives up and goes on sinning forever, not going to mosque or practicing the five pillars.”

These are your peaceful Muslims.

But it is the third type of Muslim who bears watching. He has fallen away from the faith into a life of sin but is looking for a way out. He is seeking atonement.

The mosque provides the vital link “from sinner to salvation” for the apostate Muslim. His imam will offer two choices.

Christian says the facial expressions of the suicide bombers who blew up the Brussels airport provided clues to their motivation.

“The confidence you see of those guys walking calmly to their own death as they push their carts, they are not trying to blow up the airport to make the ISIS leader proud any more than the 9/11 terrorists were flying their planes into a building so they can make Osama bin-Laden proud,” he said. “They are doing it to please their own Allah so they can gain salvation.”

And this is why the mosque is the key. It’s the central part of the cycle of terrorism. It provides the link between sinner and terrorist.

“He walks in as a sinner who has neglected his spiritual duties under Islam and is told this is what you need to do,” Christian said. “The imam does not tell him to go blow himself up, he just shows him the life of Muhammad and says this is what you need to emulate.”

If a backslidden Muslim has not been practicing his faith for years, the imam will tell him he must make up for all those days he did not say the required prayers five times a day. If he did not give alms he must make up for that.

Pamela Geller’s field manual “Stop the Islamization of America” is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn how to stop Shariah from gaining a foothold in their community.

“So you’re talking about someone who maybe hasn’t prayed in years and then is told he has to make up all those prayers. Same with fasting during the 30-day Ramadan. For every day you miss you are supposed to fast 60 days. So multiply 30 times 60 and how much is that? 1,800 days. This means they have to fast five years. For every one of those days you have to give out money to the poor, so you’re talking about two meals a day, so that’s $20 times 1,800 days, which comes to $3,600,” Christian says.

“To neglect this will put you in hell.”

So that third type of Muslim, lost but overwhelmed by what he must do to gain salvation, is looking for a short cut.

“They do not want to do the hard work and go for the long haul. The choice is spilling your own blood for the cause of Islam, or working hard for the rest of your life trying to fulfill your duty as a Muslim with no guarantee of salvation at the end,” Christian said. “And the more they dig into Islam the more they find out the work they need to do. And the jihadists, what they all want to do is find a quick and assured way for their own salvation.

“The mosque is propagating two ways to heaven, either the short trial of death or the long trial of making up for all the years they did not practice the five pillars of prayer, fasting, giving of alms, etc.”

Compare that to a backslidden Christian who walks into a Church. He will immediately be offered forgiveness under the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Christian says that’s why he walked away from Islam. It offered no means for atonement of his sin, no assurance of salvation.

“The level of sin and judgment that those Muslims are under, very few Christians understand,” he said. “Those people are looking for salvation but they are brainwashed to the limit on how to achieve it.

“You can see this in the lives of the attackers at Charlie Hebdo and at Brussels and the Boston bombers,” he continued. “Even the attackers on 9/11, Muhammad Atta himself. All of them are not united by ISIS, they are not united by Osama bin-Laden or a certain ethnic background or citizenship. All are united by one thing – they are a lost soul looking for salvation and the mosque is showing them the way, spilling their own blood in order to get into heaven and enjoy the 72 virgins.”

At some point, the U.S. will be dealing with the same level of Islamic violence as Europe, where Muslim immigration has been chugging along for about 20 years longer.

The backlash is coming

Dr. Andrew Bostom, a Jewish scholar who has written several books on the history of Islam including “The Legacy of Jihad,” said the growing appeal of so-called “far right” parties in Europe is a natural outgrowth of the European Union’s 50-year experiment with Muslim immigration.

“The left will find one Nazi and say ‘Oh, they’re all Nazis,” he said.

While he concedes there may be a “tiny fragment of skin-heads” who are attracted to the AFD Party, that is not the source of its rapid rise. It is largely made up of ordinary Germans who’ve seen their country turned upside down over the past five decades. The party is led by a woman, Frauke Petry, whose positions on immigration are similar to Donald Trump’s.

Frauke Petry, leader of the German AFD Party.

Frauke Petry, leader of the German AFD Party.

Bostom said tensions have been building in Germany for years but came to a head with the reports of mass sexual assaults on women by Muslim migrants in Cologne and other cities on New Year’s Eve.

“And these sexual attacks are hardly confined to Germany,” he said. “It’s a broad phenomenon in Sweden, Belgium, France.”

Bostom sees more and more of what he calls “ordinary people being driven by ordinary concerns, primarily economics.”

“They are mostly just people who also want to retain their ethnic and religious identity,” he said. “They were always flummoxed by the E.U. effort to bring in so many Muslim migrants.”

He said the average German still wants to attend an Oktoberfest and enjoy a pork sausage with a beer, both considered taboo by the Muslim communities.

“They get annoyed by the sound of the Muslim call to prayer being broadcast over loudspeakers at 5 a.m.,” Bostom said. “There have been complaints (by Muslims) about Oktoberfest in some German cities just like we had complaints this year about Easter eggs in Dearborn (Michigan).”

Bostom cites the 2008 “Six Countries Survey” in which a group of sociologists polled Muslim attitudes in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, France and Austria.

“They surveyed 9,000 Muslims, which is a huge sample, and 65 percent of them wanted the laws of their adopted country to be in accord with the Quran, so in other words they prefer Shariah,” Bostom said.

That brings us back to the issue of mosques and what is preached there.

Bostom points to the bizarre response by Belgium’s imams to the recent terror attack that killed 35 people at the Brussels airport and train station, wounding 200.

The imams refused to take part in a prayer of blessing for the departed and their families.

“And they’re right because if you look at Sura 98:6 of the Quran the infidels are referred to as the most vile creatures and condemned to hell fires,” Bostom said. “So of course the Belgium imams can’t pray for them and take part in the national remorse. From the Belgian imams’ perspective they’re doing the right thing for Islam, they’re not supposed to bless infidels that are blown up. As a matter of fact, the more blessed are those who martyred themselves in the process of blowing them up.”

One imam in Belgium decided to go against the majority and take part in the prayer, but his reasoning was not all that comforting. Not if you’re an infidel.

“His rationale is that there were a couple of Muslims killed in that explosion so therefore it was fine to give the blessing,” Bostom said. “You couldn’t make this stuff up. So here you have Belgian imams saying ‘look I’m sorry but we can’t bless these non-Muslims that were blown up, it’s in the Quran.’ Even if they wanted to do it they’re not supposed to do it because they’d be blessing people who are eternally condemned to hell.”

This is the type of teaching fed to Muslims in Europe’s mosques, he said. And European elites wonder why their Muslims aren’t assimilating.

“It’s so out of control. And that’s what is at the core of these kinds of phenomena,” Bostom said. “People are just saying ‘enough already, why are you here? Do this in Pakistan or Morocco or Turkey. Cut it out or go home. You’re disrupting our sleep, and then on top of that we have to worry about you murdering us or raping our daughters.'”

Bostom said the messages of the violent and nonviolent Muslim differ only in means. Both have the ultimate goal of overtaking Western civilization and making Islam reign supreme as a religion and a political system.

“And I think people are picking up on that now too,” he said.

Pamela Geller, who was herself a target of an Islamic terror attack last year at a draw-Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, said the Obama administration has all but stopped the monitoring of U.S. mosques.

“For years, I have been calling on law enforcement and the FBI to pay closer attention to the mosques,” she told WND. “They present a clear and present danger.”

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing by the jihadist Tsarnaev brothers, who attended the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic Society of Boston, Geller said her organization issued an 18-point platform “in defense of freedom,” It called for the monitoring of mosques and their closure if jihad, hatred of America and Israel, or the violent Quranic verses were promoted.

But the Justice Department, under the influence of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, decided to go in the opposite direction and left the mosques to police themselves. All references to Islam and terrorism were scrubbed from FBI training manuals following a 2011 memo from Muslim organizations led by CAIR to then deputy national security advisor John Brennan. It was Brennan, who is now in charge of the CIA, who dutifully carried out the request.

“Hatred of the kuffar and the need to wage jihad and impose Shariah are basic, mainstream elements of Islam,” Geller said. “We’re kidding ourselves if we think they aren’t taught here in America.”

Geller points to the 2011 study by David Yerushalmi and Mordechai Kedar that concluded only 19 percent of U.S. mosques do not teach some form of violent jihad or Islamic supremacism.

John Guandolo, a former FBI counter-terrorism agent specializing in Quranic-inspired violence, said the U.S. is not doing anything to push back on the jihadi community “which is centered in the mosques which Islamic leaders in North America call the ‘axis of their movement.'”

John Guandolo

John Guandolo

If anything, the Obama administration is protecting the Islamic community whose stated objective is the destruction of all un-Islamic governments and replacing them with Islamic control under Shariah, he said.

After leaving the FBI Guandolo formed Understanding the Threat, an organization that teaches the tenets of Islam to law enforcement agencies.

“If we ‘monitor’ mosques now, who will do that? So few in law enforcement have been taught about Shariah, the Muslim Brotherhood jihadi network, etcetera,” he said. “UTT is the only organization in the nation doing it.”

Guandolo said he would start by reining in the record influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, and then going after the Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

“If we begin with arresting all of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the U.S., shutting down their organizations, and all Muslim Brotherhood mosques, which is over 80 percent of them, that would be a good start,” he said.

He said this could be done under existing law.

“The underlying federal charge would fall under Title 18 – Conspiracy to Overthrow the Federal government,” he said.

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, author of the blog JihadWatch for the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said the jihadist attackers in Garland, San Bernardino and Boston, among others, were active in their mosques.

“Yet authorities seem to have no interest in what is being taught in those mosques,” he said.

Those found to be preaching violence should be closed down, he said.

“No part of the Constitution, including its protection of religious freedom, is some license to commit acts of treason, subversion and sedition,” Spencer told WND.

Spencer said four separate and independent studies since 1998 have found that 80 percent of mosques in the U.S. preach hatred of Jews and Christians and the need ultimately to impose Sharia here.

“A lot of the material about the studies has been taken offline,” he said, to protect the guilty.

Daniel Akbari, another former Muslim who grew up in Iran and became a top Shariah lawyer there before defecting to the United States, told WND he thought it would be “extreme” to take up the idea of the German AFD Party and close all mosques.

“I think it is both counterproductive and extreme to ban all mosques from their legitimate activities. There are, however, some legitimate concerns when it comes to political mosques,” he said. “Those mosques that encourage jihad, both slow and fast, should be banned. Security agents should be allowed to attend all worship centers, mosques, synagogues, churches, and if they have nothing to hide, they should not panic. Going after all mosques indiscriminately and regardless of their teachings is wrong per se.”

Christian said any idea coming out of Germany must receive heavy scrutiny but should not be rejected out of hand.

“We are always very sensitive about what is coming out of Germany because of its past but what about the Islamic threat and what is coming out of the Islamic world?” he says.

“Since 9/11 we have been going about this topic all in the wrong direction. We are looking into terrorism and terrorist organizations but we have our eyes on the wrong thing,” Christian adds. “There is one thing you will find in common with all the terrorists, all of them – they are foot soldiers and all of them have a long history of living lives of sin according to Islam. And all of them reach a point in their lives where they wanted to go to the mosque to find some spiritual answers and the mosque does nothing but provide them with the basic Islamic belief: Number one is to repent and change your ways. Number two, start working hard for your salvation. The more they go to mosque the more they find out that salvation does not come except by spilling their own blood for the cause of Islam.

“The fact is we are in a religious war whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not.”

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