Polls & revolutions

By Burt Prelutsky

I know that a lot of people distrust polls. I’m not one of those people. I learned my lesson in 2012 when the polls all said that Obama would be re-elected and I went with my gut, which insisted there was no way on earth the worst president in American history would, after the most disastrous first term imaginable, be provided with an additional four years in which to make things even worse.

At the time, I said that America could probably manage to survive eight years of Barack Obama, but I wasn’t convinced it could survive an electorate that would provide him with a second term. I still feel that way.

For instance, the biggest mystery surrounding polls are the missing percentages. In other words, in a poll prior to the Wisconsin primary, Cruz was at 38 percent, Trump was at 33 percent and Kasich 22 percent. That added up to 93 percent. So where was the other 7 percent hiding? Were they people still holding out for Rubio, Christie or Bush? Or were they the people who when asked by the pollsters who they favored in the primary, replied, “What’s a primary?”

As bad as the Republican competitors have looked at various times over the past year, they can’t begin to compare to the Democrats.

Consider that the front-runner is a woman who is regarded as dishonest and untrustworthy by a majority of Americans, including even the pinheads who can’t wait to send her back to the White House.

The other person in the race is an elderly man who even after a quarter of a century in the Senate hasn’t a single accomplishment on his resume. He is so lacking in integrity that even though he identifies himself as a socialist, but calls himself an independent, in spite of rubber-stamping every item of Obama’s agenda. He is running as a Democrat because, as he admits, he couldn’t even wage a campaign if he had an (S) or an (I) after his name.

He is running to be commander in chief because it’s been his lifelong ambition to lead a revolution that turns America into a socialist’s wet dream. The odd thing is that I believe America has already achieved that dubious status, and I would support a revolution that reversed the leftward trend that began under the abominable Woodrow Wilson, was sped up under FDR and LBJ and saw its vile culmination under Barack Obama.

After all, how much more socialistic could we be? For openers, Social Security was essentially a Ponzi scheme, but nobody ever went to jail for not investing his money with Charles Ponzi.

Then there is the matter of Medicaid, welfare for illegal aliens and able-bodied sloths, unemployment insurance, Obamacare and food stamps for millions who don’t need them. Let us not forget disability insurance, which has become so corrupt that cops and firemen are regarded as suckers if they don’t declare, and have confirmed by shyster quacks, that they’ve suffered disabling injuries shortly before announcing their retirement.

Then there is the matter of single women giving birth to multiple babies American taxpayers are going to have to support, while the women and the no-account men who impregnate them get off scot-free.

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The welfare system in America is called a safety net, but in reality it is a Faustian arrangement that consists of a rope with nooses at both ends, requiring that the recipients remain forever dependent and requires that liberal politicians trade on that dependence in exchange for votes.

The tragedy is that nothing is off limits when it comes to a corrupt, left-wing-dominated society. Even the military, which used to be a shining example of the best America had to offer in terms of patriotism, courage and character, has evolved into a laboratory for social engineering. No longer do we even pretend that we are out to wage and win wars. Whereas we used to use terms like “no guts, no glory,” “go for broke” and “Semper fi,” today the most common expression used in connection with the military is “no boots on the ground.”

It used to be that the worst thing to be said for the Pentagon was that it wasted our money by spending too much on everything from screwdrivers to latrines, but those days are long gone. Ever since Clinton was in the White House and the litmus test for promotions was how many butts a general could kiss, things have only gotten worse.

These days, when even “don’t ask, don’t tell” has been turned into a welcome mat for homosexuals, and the move is on to satisfy feminists by placing women in combat, few at the Pentagon even concern themselves with military morale.

Society in general appears to be trying to replicate ancient Rome as quickly as possible. For openers, pornography is one of the few growth industries we can point to. Next, radical Islam has declared war on us, as well as the rest of the non-Islamic world, but instead of taking them on, we accommodate them by encouraging millions to emigrate to the West, and then pretend to be surprised when they butcher us.

We promote diversity, which, when properly translated, means we pretend that unskilled and unschooled people from Third World countries are a welcome commodity and that their culture is every bit as advanced as our own.

We pretend that transgenders have every right to use whichever bathrooms, locker rooms and pronouns that suit their perverted inclinations.

Furthermore, we pretend that there is a war on women and that employers are so biased towards females that they are only too happy to pay an extra 29 percent in order to hire men to do the same job.

When it comes to guns, there are those in government who believe that those who use them for hunting or to protect their loved ones should be disarmed, but come down with a case of the vapors if you even suggest going after the black and Hispanic gangs who use them to commit most of the homicides in America.

Part of the revolution I would like to see is the one that turns our schools back into places where the basics are taught and where independent thought is encouraged. Instead, we have brought up generations of youngsters on a diet of left-wing propaganda with an emphasis on the students feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments. Those accomplishments, by the way, consist solely of parroting the malarkey they’ve been spoon-fed and displaying an intolerance for diverse opinions unmatched since Stalin dealt with dissenters by sending them off to winter in Siberia.

When I was young, I had a bunch of born-in-czarist Russia uncles who constantly hailed the glories of the Soviet Union, which they would refer to, with a straight face, as the workers’ paradise.

Like Sen, Sanders, they, too, longed for a revolution. I would point out to them that they had all been black marketers during WWII in Chicago, who had then moved to L.A. and invested their untaxed profits in apartment buildings, liquor stores and bowling alleys.

I would patiently explain that inasmuch as they were all war profiteers, absentee landlords
and unrepentant Jewish capitalists, when the revolution arrived, the communists would probably line them up against the wall before the firing squads even got around to the Rockefellers.

Because I don’t have his ear, I’m afraid someone else will have to point out to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who pulls down $174,000-a-year without even breaking a sweat, what he can expect, comes the revolution.

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