Questions persist over $500K Cruz Pac donation to opponent

By Around the Web

(LawNewz) Months ago, before the Republican race was whittled down to just two candidates, a very curious thing happened. Ted Cruz’s super PAC ‘donated’ $500,000 to Carly Fiorina’s super PAC. A few articles popped up at the time, and the Federal Election Committee even issued a letter asking the Cruz super PAC to better explain what the donation was for.

To be clear, a half a million dollars is not a small donation, and, at the time, it was the largest expense that the PAC had paid out. So why the heck would Cruz’s PAC hand over that kind of money in the midst of a heated campaign splintered with so many candidates? In an interview in October, Kellyanne Conway, president of Cruz’s PAC told CBS News, that they made the donation in June “because we thought she had important things to say that weren’t being heard.” She added, “we are all in for Ted Cruz for President.”

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