Rand Paul: GOP primaries intentionally ‘biased’

By Around the Web

(POLITICO) — The Republican primary process is not rigged, but rather “biased,” and intentionally so, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Tuesday.

During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the former presidential candidate, who declared his candidacy a little more than a year ago, referred back to his father Ron Paul’s 2012 run when asked what he thought of Donald Trump’s complaint that the process by which delegates are allocated and selected is “rigged.”

“Well, no, I hear someone’s been saying they’re rigged. I don’t think they’re rigged, but they are biased. And intentionally so,” he said, going on to explain, “rigged would mean that it was illegal, that it was somewhat shady. No, it’s done somewhat in the open. But they are biased in favor of the establishment.”

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