One of the Republican National Committee’s key members, a rules committee official, said on national television Wednesday that Donald Trump doesn’t need to reach 1,237 delegates to win the nomination – he only needs about 1,100.

The RNC’s Randy Evans said on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC: “If Donald Trump exceeds 1,100 votes, he will become the nominee even though he may not have 1,237.”

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The remarks come as Trump seems likely to fall short of the full delegate count as time ticks and the convention beckons.

“If he gets less than 1,100 delegates,” Evans said, “then I think we’re looking at a contested convention that could go on for many, many days. And then in the middle, there’s that gray area between 1,000 and 1,100, and that’s where the unbound delegates or the delegates that have been released by other candidates come into play to see if there are enough of those to get either Cruz or Trump over the finish line.”

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Trump currently leads in the delegate count, 743 to second-place Sen. Ted Cruz’s 545. But the billionaire businessman is projected to win almost all of New York’s 95 delegates. California’s 172 delegates are also due to come into play on June 7, along with those up for grabs in primary races in Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota that same day.

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