Sharon Stone: ‘How much acid has Bernie taken?’

By Cheryl Chumley

Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone, one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses, said she’d like to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, but that a Donald Trump White House would prove disastrous for the future of America.

“We have leaders and people who are trying to be leaders who are running campaigns based on fear, and that’s a contagion,” she said, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “Holocausts have occurred when that fire catches loose.”

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Stone, 58, who backed Barack Obama for president in 2008, said Clinton is more than ready to assume the commander in chief role.

“She showed such grit and grace as secretary of state,” Stone said, Breitbart reported. “That’s what it actually takes to be president.”

But Trump?

“When I go abroad and listen [to what others say about America], I just feel very, very sad,” she said. “It was one thing during the George W. time where you just had to sit in shame, but this? … What can I say that [Trump] doesn’t say for himself? I think the ever-changing muskrat on his head speaks worlds about his confidence.”

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She went on, Breitbart reported: “Unfortunately, there is a lot of humor attached to Trump in the media, but it isn’t funny and it wouldn’t be funny if he became president.”

Stone also said she liked Sen. Bernie Sanders on a personal basis, but not so much politically.

“Bernie seems pretty old just in general,” she said. “He’s not young doing this and he didn’t really work until he was 40 so I wonder, like, how much acid has this guy taken? I really do, that’s not a joke. We were so aggressive asking people, ‘Did you smoke pot?’ But in reality, how much acid has Bernie Sanders taken? Because there’s a certain edge to his personality and way about his behavior that makes me wonder, ‘How much LSD have you taken?'”

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