Spoiler alert! Kasich out to ‘deny Trump nomination’

By Chelsea Schilling

Ohio Gov, John Kasich
Ohio Gov. John Kasich

In an email to supporters Wednesday, the wife of Republican candidate John Kasich confirmed what many political observers have long suspected: A chief goal of the Kasich campaign is to deny GOP front-runner Donald Trump the party’s nomination.

“Friend, I’m going to be honest with you,” states the email blast from Kasich’s wife, Karen. “The stakes are high and it’s critical that we all pitch in to help John continue securing delegates and deny Trump the nomination.”


Then Mrs. Kasich assures supporters that her husband is running a “positive campaign.”

“I’m so proud of the positive campaign John has run,” she writes. “It’s refreshing to have a candidate who’s focused on offering common-sense solutions to our challenges rather than taking advantage of people’s fears and very real concerns about America’s future.

“We have a choice to make. As John said yesterday, there are two paths we can take. I’m choosing the path that offers a positive vision for America’s future. Will you join us?”


Noting that the New York Republican primary is only one week away, Mrs. Kasich promises: “[W]e have a real chance at grabbing some delegates.”

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John  Kasich has repeatedly insisted he’s not in the race to block Trump.

Rather, he claims his eye is on only one thing: winning the White House.

“I want to make something clear to people. I’m not in this to try to stop somebody,” Mr. Kasich told Fox News’ Chris Wallace on March 20. “I’m in this to tell people about my experience, my record, my vision, and my ability to bring – bring people together and to be a successful president of the United States. This is beginning to deteriorate into some sort of a political science class with a bunch of pundits trying to, you know, play a parlor game. I’m not interested in that. …

“I am interested in improving this country and being a good president and that’s precisely why I’m running. And people are beginning to understand my vision and my message because finally people are beginning to allow me to be heard.”

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Kasich also told NBC “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd at least two times in March that Trump “is not going to be the nominee.”

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Kasich proved to be the anti-Trump vote and won the primary in his homes state of Ohio on March 15 with 46.8 percent of the vote to Trump’s 35.6 percent. Cruz received 13 percent.

“I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land,” Kasich said in his Ohio victory speech. He accused Trump of creating a “toxic environment” and said the GOP front-runners tactics are “not how we fix America.”

Just before the Ohio primary, Kasich told reporters his victory would increase the likelihood of a contested convention in July if a candidate doesn’t reach 1,237 delegates and win the GOP nomination by then.

“I’m not running to block anybody, but the math is real,” Kasich said.

But just last weekend, Kasich helped Trump block Cruz from sweeping delegate selections in Michigan.

“The Kasich campaign defended aiding Trump on the grounds that Cruz deserved it as punishment for trying to scoop up too many delegates,” Fox News reported Monday. “But whether it was bad blood, pique or part of a larger strategy, Kasich’s part in any anti-Trump strategy is increasingly in doubt.”

Kasich doesn’t appear to have a clear path to winning many more delegates in the remaining 16 states: New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota.

As it stands, Trump has 743 delegates. Cruz has 545. And Kasich has 143.

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