Students mysteriously ‘hurt,’ ‘traumatized’ by pro-Trump slogans

By Bob Unruh

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Students on a Wisconsin high-school soccer team leave the field, unable to finish their game,  because they are so “traumatized.”

Elsewhere, a college president sends a missive to students commiserating with all who were “hurt” and announces plans for a new “cultural competency” requirement.

Both crises, and other similar episodes, were precipitated by the mere presence of political slogans advocating the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.

One case, documented by USA Today, even has the police investigating.

At the University of California-San Diego, officials were reviewing chalked messages, “some supporting Donald Trump and others blatantly racist.”

Said the report: “Reportedly four to five white people in hoodies were seen writing the messages. According to Christina Munoz, a senior, and Matthew Zamudio, a writer and social media manager for UCSD’s student newspaper The Guardian, the messages appeared outside the Library Walk, a prominent campus thoroughfare, and Raza Resource Centro, a resource center for the Chicanx and Latinx community.”

The messages, besides a foul-language reference to Mexicans, included Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make American Great Again,” and “Build the Wall.”

“As Latinos to be surrounded by an environment where we’re told we don’t belong here makes it hard to get an education,” Munoz said. “They did this in a place where it was noticeable, where underrepresented students would see it.”

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Ivan Evans, a provost at Eleanor Roosevelt College, one of the six undergraduate colleges that make up the University of California-San Diego, told students, “In condemning this incident, ERC expects that any violation of UC San Diego’s Code of Conduct will be treated with the greatest seriousness and draw the fullest sanctions that may apply.”

The school said the “graffiti” was found on the San Diego campus.

“This graffiti runs counter to our campus values of equity and inclusion. We value diversity and respect for all cultures,” the school said.

Trump, from the outset of his campaign, has said America needs to secure its borders, including its southern border with Mexico, and has promised to build a wall to make it secure. He’s even promised to make Mexico pay for it, by restricting the flow of cash payments across the border.

It was the Gateway Pundit that carried a report about the five high-school boys who were “disciplined” after chanting “Donald Trump, build that wall!” at a girls soccer match.

The report said: “The high school girls soccer players from Beloit High School were so traumatized they were not able to finish the game. The girls had to be cradled in the arms of an assistant coach.”

Wrote Jim Hoft at the Pundit, “Wow.”

“In Wisconsin chanting for Trump and border security is considered ‘racist’ by school officials,” he noted.

The report said officials in the Elkhorn, Wisconsin, school district consider such language racist.

The girls’ team coach, Brian Denu, said, “They came off the field and weren’t able to finish the game.”

He added: “They were too upset and distraught over what happened to them. One of the girls was cradled in the arms of one of our assistant coaches for a good 15-20 minutes.”

See a news report:

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The Huffington Post, which described Trump in an editor’s note as “a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims – 1.6 billion members of an entire religion – from entering the U.S.,” at one point listed examples that “proved” Trump is “racist.”

One example was that Trump “was a leading proponent of ‘birtherism,’ the racist conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the Untied States and is thus an illegitimate president.”

Campus Reform reported another incident just this week.

The president of Ohio University dispatched an email to his campus “expressing sympathy for those ‘hurt’ by pro-Trump slogans written on a free speech wall.”

It seems the offensive words, “Trump 2016” and “Build The Wall,” were “discovered” on a campus “graffiti wall, a long-standing fixture on campus where students are encouraged to write anything they want.”

According to the report, “The Hispanic and Latino Student Union called an emergency meeting – attended by university president Roderick McDavis – to ‘start a discussion … on why this was offensive,’ after which they decided to paint over the messages.”

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Student Simone Anderson complained there weren’t “required cultural competency classes.”

McDavis immediately jumped into action, assuring students he was working to speed up a requirement for “a cultural competency element.”

It also was reported that protesters were so upset by Trump’s “racist rhetoric and violence at his rallies” that they blocked a public highway leading to a Trump rally.

The report cited Mango Vega, who insisted America would be hurting without more immigration.

“This country would be nothing without immigrants. You wouldn’t have no sushi. You wouldn’t have no Thai food. You wouldn’t have no trends. You wouldn’t have no colorful dances. You wouldn’t have nobody to take care of your bratty-a– children. You wouldn’t have nothing. America would be nothing without immigrants and the diversity that is the fabric of this country.”

Best-selling author and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, whose latest book “The Snapping of the American Mind” explores how the political and cultural left is causing the current meltdown of so many American lives, especially young people’s, commented on yet another young person complaining of Trump trauma, the so-called “sad Sanders supporter.”

“We have slowly but surely handed over the greatest, freest nation on earth to the far left,” he said, “which has rewarded us with a lawless, immoral government and a godless, almost insane culture. And that includes today’s sick college culture of sexual anarchy, rampant anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism and the inculcation of ‘pathological thinking’ by totalitarian policing and punishing of ‘politically incorrect’ speech.”

He continued, “After all, what is political correctness really teaching our children other than to melt down when anyone says anything remotely ‘offensive’?

“We are witnessing the emergence of a generation of angry, spiritually bereft, educationally ripped-off, historically ignorant, spoiled, narcissistic, entitled, empty, needy lost souls. God help us to turn this around. I do my best to highlight some of the more inspired solutions to this big mess in my new book, ‘The Snapping of the American Mind.'”

He cited as an example a recent four-minute viral video labeled the “sad Sanders supporter.”

“It was posted online by a distraught young woman tearfully describing the non-stop verbal abuse she claims she experienced at the hands of angry, racist, ‘sick’ Donald Trump supporters while she was calling voters on behalf of Bernie Sanders before Super Tuesday,” he explained.

[jwplayer LLGbxdW6]

“‘Chelsea,’ the Bernie Sanders phone-bank gal, is gung-ho about convincing Americans to elect a delusional old socialist (or if you prefer Trump’s term, a ‘communist maniac’) whose vision for America is so irrational that, were Sanders elected and his policies enacted, what’s still left of America’s productive sector would be forced to leave the country to avoid the astronomical taxes Bernie wants to finance his magical Marxist utopia,” he said.

The woman’s “hair-trigger meltdown mode is also, sadly, increasingly typical of many in today’s brainwashed, emotionally infantile college population.”

As “Chelsea” says on her video: “I just want you to know that the people that are voting for [Trump] are really sick people – that refer to human beings as animals – and it actually made me sick! … I don’t think anyone that’s a human, that has feelings and sense, can sit through hours of talking to people that believe that just because you weren’t born in the United States, or even if you were and you’re not white – which, I don’t know what qualifies you as white anymore – it makes you not a human being!”

Comments Kupelian: “As I documented recently in a column headlined ‘It’s true: College is driving your kids insane,’ there is a stunning rise in mental illness on campus, with depression rates skyrocketing and suicide now the second most common cause of death among college students.”

But what can we expect, says Kupelian, who argues, “For decades, left-wing America-hating professors have been indoctrinating America’s children into believing their country is malevolent, racist and predatory – successful and powerful only by virtue of exploiting other races and stealing the world’s wealth.”



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