‘System is rigged’: Widespread dissatisfaction among voters

By Around the Web

(London Guardian) An angry Donald Trump supporter in Colorado set fire to his Republican party registration card. The Democratic superdelegates supporting Hillary Clinton are fielding an influx of calls and emails from frustrated Bernie Sanders supporters putting pressure on them to switch candidates.

The rise of anti-establishment candidates like Sanders and Trump has thrown into sharp relief the mess of rules and processes deliberately designed to keep these candidates from clinching the nomination. For these voters, and the many more across the political spectrum just waking up to the ground rules of the highest-stakes game in the country, the primary races can seem horribly unfair.

“Why should the states, the party organizations and the voters go through all the hype, expense and time to have a primary when the party poobahs make the ultimate decision,” said Don Grafues, one of more than 300 readers who responded to a Guardian callout on voter dissatisfaction with the primary process.

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