Satanic temple

Members of the Satanic temple

A Satanic Black Mass is scheduled for the Oklahoma City Civic Center this August, featuring a play called “The Consumption of Mary” – raising concerns among Catholics and Protestants who are petitioning Gov. Mary Fallin, Mayor Mick Cornett and the civic center to cancel the event.

More than 100,000 people have signed a petition to stop the event, organized by Rev. Adam Daniels of the Church of Ahriman, a congregation of self-described Satan worshippers.

Church of Ahriman founder, the Rev. Adam Daniels

Church of Ahriman founder, the Rev. Adam Daniels

“The Consumption of the Mary by Jai Kali Maa” will be staged at the Oklahoma City Civic Center and will reportedly be led by convicted sex offender Adam Daniels, the Gospel Herald reports.

Two rituals are planned for the event – one that will show the evolution of Satanism to Ahrimanism

According to the Civic Center website, the event will have two rituals that – one that will show the evolution from Satanism to Ahrimanism and the other “The Consumption of Mary,” meaning the mother of Jesus.

On Christmas Eve last year, Daniels poured costume blood over a statue of Mary in front of the Saint Joseph Cathedral in Oklahoma City with a permit from city hall.

Oklahoma City officials refused to cancel the first Satanic Black Mass in 2014.

Conservative Roman Catholic group Tradition Family Property heads the advancement of the petition to cancel the event, which worked in 2014 when Satanists attempted to hold a black mass at Harvard Square.

When the satanic group held a black mass at the Civic Center in September 2014, Oklahoma Parks and Recreation allowed the activity for fear of a costly lawsuit.

Illustration for 'The Consumption of Mary' ritual

Illustration for ‘The Consumption of Mary’ ritual

According to Catholic Online, an unnamed spokesman for the Civic Center explained why the event will not be canceled: “In the past, when the city has attempted to interfere with an individual’s free exercise of speech on our property, we have been taken to federal court. We have lost each of those cases at our taxpayers’ expense.”

The Satanic Temple in Oklahoma City, another group of Satan worshippers, last year tried to place its one-ton bronze statue of Satan next to a monument of the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma, but were forced to settle for Detroit. The group sought the placement bearing a stone copy of the Ten Commandments as a protest against religious displays on government property.

The 9-foot-tall bronze Baphomet sculpture depicts a winged half-man, half-goat alongside children standing in adoration, and was unveiled in its alternate spot near the base of the Detroit River.

According to the website of the Satanist Ahrimanis, their creed includes the following beliefs:

  • “I declare myself a Mainyu-Devotee, a supporter of the Devil’s Prophet.”
  • “I renounce the pious and the righteous enslavement, and vow to damage and plunder their spiritual Settlements.”
  • “I want freedom from enslavement and stifling religious law. … I vow this: I shall continue to damage and plunder the righteous spiritual settlements, even at risk of life and limb.”
  • “I work with the Daevas as equals, the wicked, evil, lawless, evil knowing, the most Druj-like of beings, the foulest of beings, the most damaging of beings. I am in collusion with the Daevas and their comrades, I am in collusion with the Dews and their comrades, I am in collusion with them through my evil thoughts, evil words and evil deeds. I am in collusion with them publicly.”

Among the Ahrimani “steps of faith” are these:

  • “Those who are without should be enveloped into your veil as cast by the nature of the Serpent.”
  • “As in Hell, we should amass power, strength, and pleasure. Never allow yourself to become drunk with any.”
  • “While we are upon this Earth, never forget that our actions and reputation speaks louder than any words. Ask, what can be destroyed to create something better.”

“This (is a) once-in-a-lifetime shot for anyone interested in the darker side of reality or an educational chance to experience the taboo Tantric practices of India,” says a press release from the Church of Ahriman about the gathering in Oklahoma City this summer.

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