The real battle: GOP vs. Soros & Saban

By Around the Web

(RedState) — What a country! Only in America could two virtually unknown foreign-born billionaires by the names of George Soros and Haim Saban wield enough power to practically ensure that the next president of the United States will be a Democrat.

No wonder average Americans feel the system is rigged. Why should we even bother having a presidential election when the outcome is predetermined by two puppet masters manipulating the strings of the electorate? More amazing is both men hold U.S. citizenship in addition to that from their native countries — Soros from Hungary and Saban from Israel.

Am I exaggerating the influence of Soros and Saban? No, because the numerous organizations and powerful media outlets they own and control are working on the front lines and behind the scenes to defeat whomever is the Republican nominee — but especially if that nominee is Donald J. Trump.

Of these two mega-power playing Democrats, Soros has been on the scene for decades and thus has earned a higher media profile. However, even if you have never heard of Haim Saban, you will read later how and why he is on par with Soros.

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