These are ‘fingerprints’?

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Farah,

Having read your article titled “Trump’s fingerprints on Cruz ‘sex scandal’ tale,” I must say I am baffled.

You seem to be implying that a single tweet of a spokeswoman is somehow “evidence” of some conspiracy to distribute an unsubstantiated story you were also aware of without any other type of evidence. You also failed to disclose who might have been peddling said story to the various news agencies. Were they connected to Trump, Rubio, or anonymous? Since the story is already out there now, why not tell us and end the insinuations? If Trump’s people were behind it, why not just tell us? I would really like to know. Was it a political operative?

Because I will tell you that it sounds as if the Trump campaign was probably aware of the story, as everyone else in D.C was. It was apparently only us poor voters who were left out in the cold on this. It then sounds as if the Trump campaign may have been encouraging the news agencies to go ahead with it. That does not mean, however, that his “fingerprints” are on the story.

I think you have been very fair in covering this scandal so far, until now. I have great respect for your news agency and integrity, which is why you are my primary source of news online.

For the record, I am a Trump supporter and long-time fan of Ted Cruz.


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