This failed federal policy fuels illegal immigration

By WND Staff


The U.S. National Border Patrol Council is blowing the whistle on President Obama’s “backdoor amnesty” for illegal immigrants through his “catch and release” policies.

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A recent Border Patrol letter seen by the Monitor revealed details of a Aug. 26, 2015, meeting between Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Brandon Judd, president of the American Federation of Government Employees National Border Patrol Council, and two other agents. Mayorkas allegedly said illegal immigrants surging into the U.S. for the duration of Obama’s time in office would not be deported.

Judd’s letter, published March 21, includes Mayorkas calling for an end to “notice to appear” court orders, or NTAs, for captured illegal immigrants without a previous felony arrest conviction.

“Why would we NTA those we have no intention of deporting?” said Mayorkas, the website reported. “We should not place someone in deportation proceedings when the courts already have a 3-6 year backlog.”

Most in America say immigration is a problem.
Most in America say immigration is a problem.

Judd then went on to excoriate Obama for undermining the rule of law.

“Rather than take the steps necessary to end the border surge, the Obama Administration is encouraging more to come by forcing Border Patrol agents to release unlawful immigrants into the United States with no intention of ever removing them,” Judd said.

Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol council president from Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas, told the Monitor that Obama’s policy was the equivalent of “backdoor amnesty.”

“What they are doing is like a backdoor amnesty or an amnesty through policy,” Cabrera said. “They can’t get everybody in the right way so they are just going to release everybody on their own recognizance pending a court date that hasn’t been set, knowing that over 85 percent of the people don’t show up for the court date.”

The Border Patrol council’s frustration with Obama may be the reason why it endorsed presidential hopeful Donald Trump for president.

“The NBPC has had a longstanding practice of not endorsing presidential candidates in the primaries,” the organization said in a statement released March 30. “We will not, however, shy away from voicing our opinions as it pertains to border security and the men and women of the United States Border Patrol. […] The fact that people are more upset about Mr. Trump’s tone than about the destruction wrought by open borders tells us everything we need to know about the corruption in Washington.”

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The group also said the Republican front-runner’s willingness to talk with its members “is a refreshing change that we have not seen before – and may never see again.”

The Department of Homeland Security says there are at least 11.5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.

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Donald Trump


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