Trump: Cruz would implement Obamatrade

By Around the Web

(Breitbart) Billionaire Donald Trump, the 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner, told Breitbart News exclusively that Sen. Ted Cruz “will vote for” Obamatrade “again” after the election—and would implement Obama’s trade agenda if elected president.

“Now, he’s going to vote for it again,” Trump said in a phone interview on Friday. “He’s going to vote for it again. He’s just waiting for after the election. He will vote for it—because the people who give him campaign contributions want it. He will vote for it right after the election.”

The first time that the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation came up in the U.S. Senate, back in the Spring of 2015, Cruz didn’t just vote for it. He championed the legislation’s cause publicly with a series of interviews, wrote a joint op-ed for the pro-Obamatrade Wall Street Journal with the initiative’s biggest congressional champion, now House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan, and he very publicly challenged the initiative’s biggest conservative critic Sen. Jeff Sessions, saying in a radio interview in June 2015 that Sessions’ criticisms were “not accurate.”

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