Trump protesters vow to ‘shut down’ Manhattan

By Cheryl Chumley

Protesters grow violent at an anti-trump rally in Pennsylvania.
Protesters grow violent at an anti-Trump rally in Pennsylvania.

A coalition of left-leaning groups has vowed to “shut down” Manhattan during a Thursday protest against Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Breitbart obtained a copy of the meeting agenda of the “Shut Down Trump Coalition” organization’s plans for its protest at the New York Republican Gala at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan, and on it was this telling text: “Medics (arrival time?)”

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Another checklist item under the tag, “Review/Assign Roles and plans for Thursday,” was “jail support.”

The coalition reportedly included members of Black Lives Matter, People’s Power Assembly, Fight for 15, International Action Center, Planned Parenthood, Labor and several other groups.

Breitbart posted copies of flyers of the event, some in Spanish, which read: “Shut down Trump in NYC, NO to Racism! Trump is speaking to Republican fat cats.”

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The protest advertisements come as police in Pennsylvania at a Trump rally made several arrests. One Twitter poster noted the scene: “Hundreds of protesters screaming ‘stop Trump’ and ‘Donald Trump go away, sexist, racist, anti-gay.'”

And another, Mediaite found: “Anti-Trump protesters at Pitt are blocking most of Fifth Ave.”

Video of the Tuesday campaign stop showed anti-Trump protesters reacting violently during their chants, resulting in police forming a human barricade to stop their aggressions against Trump supporters.

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