GOP front-runner Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

In his book “Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture,” talk-radio host Michael Savage wrote that Americans needs to elect someone who can run the nation like a business and not an empire.

On “The Savage Nation” Monday, he welcomed a regular guest, real-estate billionaire Donald Trump, and asked the Republican presidential primary front-runner to confirm if he believed the “essence of the popularity” of his campaign is “that you have applied in your own business dealings what you’d like to apply running America.”

“Isn’t that fundamentally what you’re saying?” Savage asked.

“It is, Michael. But we also have to have big heart,” Trump replied.

“It is somewhat different than business, because you really need a lot of things,” Trump said of the presidency.

“You need tremendous compassion, tremendous heart,” Trump continued.

“We have to take care of Social Security, we have to take care of Medicare, we have to take care of our people, we have to come up with, you know, a plan to replace Obamacare, which is a total disaster. We’ll repeal it and replace it.”

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Trump, speaking to Savage on the eve of the New York primary, said one could make a case that leading a business and leading the nation are “very similar in certain ways, certainly with budgetary things.”

“But it’s also, you need heart, you need compassion, you need a lot of leadership.”

Savage interjected, asking for clarification.

“But Donald, we can’t take care of the world’s poor, who Obama is importing by the millions, in order to get them to vote Democrat for the next 200 years,” the talk host said.

“Of course we need compassion,” Savage continued. “But it’s for our own citizens. We can’t give away our tax dollars for the world, can we?”

Trump replied: “We can’t. And we’re in trouble.”

“We’re bringing in people from Syria that we have no idea who they are, where they come from,” Trump said. “There’s no documentation. They could be ISIS, they could be, who knows what they are?”

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Trump then turned to the bigger picture.

“We have problems like you’ve never seen before,” he said. “Now, if I get elected, we’re gonna solve those problems. Believe me. We’re gonna solve ’em, we’re gonna solve ’em fast.

“We have a potential to have problems like this country has never before, based on what Obama is doing,” Trump said.

In an interview April 4, before the Wisconsin primary, Trump assured Savage that “moderate influences” in his campaign would not shift him to the center politically.

Savage reminded Trump the “reason you are popular is because of borders, because of immigration, because of the flood of Muslims coming into the country.”

“I would almost say, Donald, please don’t let the moderate influences in your campaign take you off point. It’s what got you where you are,” said Savage, who aired the interview in two parts after recording it Monday morning.

The talk host asked Trump if he would now “modify” his policies “and move a little bit more to the center now.”

“You know,” Trump replied, “you just said it better than anybody could. It’s what got me here.”

Trump emphasized he has “millions of more votes” and a substantial delegate lead over Sen. Ted Cruz.

“You see what’s happening,” Trump said. “It’s the biggest story in politics, is all these people coming out to vote for me.

“And the last thing I should be doing right now is changing, Michael,” he said.

“So, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. OK?”

Savage noted Trump recently hired Paul Manafort, 66, an adviser to Bob Dole’s 1996 campaign who is tasked with leading Trump’s effort to secure delegates. The hire, Savage said, “sends chills up my spine, because what they’re going to do is tell you to move to the center.”

“I think that’s a disastrous mistake,” Savage said. “The country is in turmoil. It’s falling apart. Obama is acting in a more draconian way than he’s ever acted. He goes to Cuba, doesn’t leave a ball game. Bombs going off in Brussels, flies to South America, says there’s no difference between communism and capitalism. He’s going crazy.

“We need someone to counterbalance the disaster of the last eight years. You’re it. None of the others can do it. Ted Cruz is part of the establishment. He’s a sitting senator. We all know that, Donald.

“We need you to stay strong,” Savage said.

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