Washington’s plan: Welfare for all

By Curtis Ellis

Leave it to the New York Times to provide what passes for wisdom among the elitists you find in Manhattan and Georgetown salons when they’re not at their offices telling us what to do or on TV telling us what to think.

Exhibit A: the essay the smart set chattered about this week, “By Opposing Obama, the Republicans Created Trump.” It was written by Steven Rattner. The Times identifies him as “a Wall Street executive.”

That’s like describing the Son of Sam as a New York City resident.

If you were to create a living embodiment of cronyism and everything wrong with the political-financial complex that’s bled our economy dry, that creature would be Steven Rattner.

The appropriately named Rattner paid over $10 million in fines for bribing public officials to steer New York state pension funds to his Wall Street firm. Unlike some of his less-connected accomplices in the scheme, Rattner managed to escape perjury charges, prison time and lifetime exile from the financial industry only because Andrew Cuomo, then state attorney general, needed Rattner’s Wall Street friends when he became governor.

It’s touching that the New York Times and MSNBC offers this repeat offender rehabilitation services even as lessers struggle to get a barber’s license.

Rattner’s criminal career didn’t end on Wall Street. Obama put him in charge of the GM bailout despite his criminal record and his having no experience in manufacturing. In that capacity, Rattner robbed thousands of engineers of the retirement benefits they were promised while ensuring politically connected unions were made whole. And Rattner saw to it that after the American taxpayers bailed out General Motors, GM would repay the favor by closing American plants and moving its car-making operations to China.

That gets us to the substance of his essay.

Rattner says Republicans “created the anger that lifted [Trump’s] candidacy by years of systematically and effectively preventing passage of legislation that might have ameliorated the tough economic state of Mr. Trump’s core voters,” whom he describes as “disproportionately white, middle-aged, working-class men without college educations, a group whose fortunes have flagged as globalization and new technology have rendered millions of jobs obsolete and cut into the wages of many more.”

This is rich. If you want to “ameliorate the tough economic state of Mr. Trump’s core voters,” you could start by sending Rattner and his fellow parasites to Guantanamo.

Don’t be misled by Rattner’s display of faux empathy for blue collar America. He isn’t slamming Republicans for supporting the corporatist managed-trade deals like NAFTA and Obamatrade that strip America of manufacturing and jobs. If he did, he’d have to slam himself, his fellow Democrats and his private equity cronies who write the deals at the U.S. Trade Representative’s office while on leave of absence from Wall Street and Bain Capital.

Rattner and Obama (along with top Republicans) support the job-killing trade deals. His gripe is that the GOP hasn’t signed on to the fake-work schemes Obama plans for those he’s robbed of private sector jobs.

Rattner’s prescription for the lousy economy: “Extended unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed, wage insurance, a higher minimum wage and the like.” In short, have the government make sure everyone gets paid.

They used to tell us better-paying high-tech jobs in the new information economy would replace those manufacturing jobs sent to Mexico and China. Not anymore. Now we’re told we should get “wage insurance” to help us survive on crappy-paying jobs.

Wage insurance is the newest euphemism for making everyone dependent on a government handout. Under this scheme, someone whose job is sent overseas and ends up in a lower-paid job (as most people do) would receive half of the lost wages for two years, up to $10,000. This is in Obama’s latest budget, and the Obamatrade supporters are hot on it. It’s amazing the guys peddling this drivel are considered financial wizards.

We’re supposed to believe wage insurance will fulfill that self-respecting “white, middle-aged, working-class man”?

Western civilization was founded on precepts immortalized in the Bible, among them, Man shall earn his daily bread by the sweat of his brow, and Man does not live on bread alone.

Once upon a time in America, parents would teach their kids, “Have faith in G-d, find your calling, pursue it with all your heart, all your soul and all your might, and you will have a family you love and provide for when you grow up.”

According to Rattner and his ilk, Man does live by bread alone, and the government will provide it.

In the America they envision, parents will tell their children, “Don’t worry, the government will give you a check whether you have a job or not.”

Now we can finally see the future the bipartisan elite has planned for what was once known as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

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