What really drives the LGBT agenda

By Erik Rush

In light of the controversy over North Carolina’s “transgender bathroom bill” and the spirited legal activism ostensibly concerning the civil rights of homosexuals over the past few years, many wonder why there is such a high degree of concern over these issues, given that this faction represents less than 4 percent of the population in America.

Particularly in the case of the new North Carolina law – the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act – which prevents individuals who identify as “transgender” (excluding post-operative transsexuals) from using public restrooms based on their preferred gender identity of the week, the blowback has been puzzling.

It might be expected that someone like rock icon Bruce Springsteen (Sorry, fans; he’s always been a no-talent bum in my estimation, but I established myself as a musical snob long ago) might do something like peremptorily canceling his band’s tour date in Greensboro, North Carolina, in solidarity with the LGBT community, but New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio also found it necessary to issue bans on nonessential government travel to North Carolina to protest the law – which, by the way, is being universally referenced as an “anti-LGBT measure” by the establishment press. Forget the fact that a key argument for the law was to keep pedophiles and sexual predators (i.e., “counterfeit transgenderites”) out of the wrong public restrooms.

So, why is the political left so concerned about the supposed rights of homosexuals, transvestites and assorted sexual deviants?

Well, here’s why – and it’s quite simple: Leaders on the left are aware that a socialist state must be the sole arbiter of morality. It must be able to decree absolutely anything and establish any social convention it deems appropriate, including that which many in any given social order would consider profoundly amoral or primally repellant.

Presently, there’s a faction for whom the State will never reign supreme, because the members thereof honor and obey the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thus, in the eyes of those advancing the socialist state, these people must be disenfranchised and their doctrine neutralized. In America, this faction primarily comprises Christians, who are a majority.

So, how do those advancing the socialist state go about disenfranchising a majority of millions? They go about it in the same manner as was employed in Europe and in Canada: A scenario is represented by means of propaganda wherein the habits or practices of one faction become at odds with the established civil liberties of the majority – in this case, the religious protections afforded Christians under the Constitution. The majority is then targeted on the pretext that their liberties are manifestly oppressive to this faction – in this case, homosexuals, transvestites and assorted sexual deviants.

Then, widespread sympathy is engendered on the part of the populace for the minority faction by demonizing the majority for their oppression of the minority, even if this is not occurring. Sufficient support for the minority faction is created to facilitate citizens’ endorsement of legal measures protecting the “rights” (practices) of the minority faction; this necessarily negates the civil liberties of the majority, which itself will be reticent to protest out of fear of being further demonized.

This opens the door to ever-increasing institutional oppression of the majority faction and encroachment of the now-legal rights of the minority faction upon them on the basis that the majority previously abused their liberties in oppressing the minority faction. Members of the majority group eventually become persona non grata, and many if not all of their doctrine becomes suspect and stigmatized.

Have I overlooked anything?

Ultimately, all of the liberties once enjoyed by the majority are targeted for negation via the courts; if these involve religious practices, the religion is essentially driven underground. This may or may not be sufficient for the designs and intentions of the State; this is predicated wholly upon the degree of power the leaders desire to wield and the control they wish to exercise, all to the end of maintaining their sway.

Once this has been accomplished, not only does the doctrine of the majority no longer effectively supersede the will of the State, but the State is now free to impose secular doctrines, laws and regulations that are more conducive to state control and manipulation of the populace in every area of their lives.

Thus, it becomes clear that the “struggle for LGBT rights” in America is and has always been nothing more than a pretext for the complete disenfranchisement of Christians. Gauging by what has occurred in other Western nations, and observing that the same methodology was in fact employed in these countries, there is no reason that any thinking person would fail to come to the same conclusion.

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