What’s with you, Pat?

By WND Staff

Dear Mr. Buchanan,

It is extremely distressing to read and listen to you – someone who is suppose to be a conservative (yeah, sure) – promote and endorse and elevate Trump to near saint status [“What Trump has wrought”]. Next you’ll be putting a halo around his head – and Trump is nothing but a fat slob insulting and cursing and promoting violence.

What is wrong with you, Pat? What has happened to your brain, Pat? Where has your sense of decency gone? Why are you promoting someone who is abjectly stupid and ignorant and is a misogynist of the highest order? Why would you even begin to condone the cruel and violent and insulting actions and words of Trump, Pat? What IS IT WITH YOU, PAT?

No, Pat, the ONLY one Trump cares for is Trump!

The only candidate that is currently running for president of the United States of America that is wise and intelligent and good and conservative is the honorable Sen. Ted Cruz.


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