It’s becoming an all-too-familiar story.

Edie and David Delorme own the Kern’s Bake Shop in Longview, Texas.

They are devout Christians who are known for making excellent petit fours, sugar cookies and the best custom wedding cakes in town.

But they are also known for adhering to their Baptist religious tenets – eschewing the making of cakes and pastries that glorify smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs and other behavior that violates their moral standards.

It was predictable then that they would become targets of same-sex marriage advocates hellbent on coercing them to do just that.

On Feb. 17, Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo came to the shop and asked the bakers to make a cake for their upcoming wedding.

Edie said she was upfront with them: “I said, ‘I’m sorry but we don’t provide wedding cakes for homosexual marriages.'” She directed them politely to other bakers in town who would have no problem doing so – even offering to prepare a list of options for the pair.

Instead, the couple just walked out.

“It was not something personal against the two young men,” she said. “We just need to be able to run our business in a way that honors God.”

A few days later, Edie received a phone call from the local newspaper: The “gay” couple was accusing the Delorme family of discrimination.

Then things escalated. The threats against the business and the family began pouring in. Activists waged a social media campaign against the family with derogatory reviews on Yelp and other sites.

  • “See you in Hell, lady,” read one angry message. “Racist criminals.”

  • “This business is run by a homophobic piece of s–t,” another message read.

When someone threatened to rape a member of the family with a broken beer bottle, the Delormes felt it was time to hire an attorney.

“We are representing them,” said Michael Berry, an attorney for First Liberty, one of the nation’s top religious liberty law firms. “When they start to receive threats toward their family and their business simply because of their religious convictions – there’s something wrong with that picture.”

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Berry said the Delorme family is on firm legal footing – they have a right to run their business in accordance with their faith.

But that may no longer be true in many states and jurisdictions in America. And that’s why it’s important to affirm religious liberty protections as the Georgia Legislature recently did, only to see Republican Gov. Nathan Deal veto the bill under severe pressure from corporate interests like Disney, Coca-Cola and others.

It’s sickening to see this happening in America.

It’s coercion of the worst kind.

It’s bigotry of the worst kind.

It’s the end of the First Amendment and the constitutional principles that make the country a sanctuary of liberty for 300 years.

You cannot establish individual rights by trampling on the rights of others. It’s a simple principle.

In America, everyone’s God-given rights are to be protected. But no one has the right to demand that a bakery make a cake that is morally offensive to the baker. Get a life, for heaven’s sake. Go to another baker who shares your view of the world. Don’t force your will on others.

Isn’t that supposedly what the LGBTQ crowd is all about – doing your own thing?

It’s not the bakers who are breaking down the door of the homosexual couple and persecuting them. It’s the other way around.

And this must stop.

This kind of terrorism, and I use that word advisedly, is going to cause a major backlash.

Long gone are the days when homosexuals faced discrimination. Today, some of them are actively targeted others with something worse. And they are being actively encouraged by corporate interests and weak-kneed, limp-wristed politicians like Gov. Deal.

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