The president and CEO of the largest public policy women’s organization says conservative women have to make a commitment to get engaged in political and policy debates if they want to see America turn in a more favorable direction. And she also warns that women are being sold destructive lies about policy and American culture as a whole.

Penny Young Nance is also author of “Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women.” The book comes as America moves closer to the first woman being nominated for president by a major political party, and Hillary Clinton has even suggested at times that her being a woman ought to be a reason women support her.

Nance told WND and Radio America another female White House hopeful was much closer to the truth.

“Carly Fiorina said, and I thought it was so wise, ‘Don’t vote for me just because I’m a woman. Vote for me because you think I’m the most qualified. It is demeaning to suggest the only reason I deserve your vote is because I’m a woman,'” Nance said.

The fact remains that women tend to vote for Democrats, especially in presidential elections. But the problem for conservatives and Republicans is more specific. While married women tend to vote their way, the ever-growing population of single women overwhelmingly back Democrats.

Nance said the reasons for that divide are easy to see, but the instinct to look for government help needs to be confronted.

“We know if you’re a single mom, you’re much more likely to live in poverty and so are your children,” Nance said. “We also want to make sure that we’re securing a future for our kids so that they can do better. When we settle for socialism, we are consigning them to a life no better than the one that they have.”

“The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – and Men Can’t Say” — What if everything you’ve been told about women in America is wrong? What if what your college professors taught you – along with television, movies, books, magazine articles and even news reports – have all been lies or distortions?

Pointing out that there are many opportunities for finding well-paying careers outside of the traditional four-year college plan, such as vocational school and other educational opportunities, Nance said education is the key to success and to converting voters.

“The way for these kids to get out of poverty is for them to not be consigned and sent to these substandard schools, trapped in these schools,” she said. “We need to have school choice for these kids so they can do better than the generation before them.”

Nance added, “When you talk to a mom on that level about opportunities for her children, she hears you.”

In “Feisty and Feminine,” Nance said America is facing an Esther-like moment, referring to the biblical queen who risked her own life to expose a plot to exterminate Jews in Persia. She said Christian and conservative women need to speak up.

“I believe we are called to be salt and light in our culture,” she said. “Part of that responsibility, when we’re caught in these moments, when people feel perfectly comfortable denigrating our beliefs right to our face, we need to be prepared with an answer. We need to be able to clear our throats and lean in and be part of the conversation.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Penny Young Nance:

Nance said many people feel intimidated to speak out if they are outnumbered or believe they don’t have a strong enough command of the facts. She said conservatives need to be well armed, both with scripture and other evidence.

“There are situations you are in where you can quote scripture, but you will not bring anyone to your side because they don’t believe scripture,” Nance said. “So we also need to be prepared with the facts and the stats and a story or science that can also help them understand why we believe what we believe.”

In addition to the political debates, Nance is on a mission to help women reject lies that she said liberals have tried to force upon them, starting with her controversial claim that women are contributing to their own degrading.

“At some point, we developed Stockholm Syndrome,” she said. “We started to cooperate with our captors. There was a day when we believed that pornography objectified and hurt women. Now the conventional wisdom, particularly among radical feminism, is that somehow it’s empowering.”

Nance said she regularly speaks with young women and implores them to reject what society tells them they should want in favor of what God wants for them.

“Listen, forget ’50 Shades of Gray.’ You deserve 50 years from a man who loves you, who will support you, who will respect you, who will be your life partner and loves you and will be faithful,” Nance said. “Stop settling for pig slop when God has a banquet of filet mignon for you.”

“What Women Really Want” is a call to women across this great land to wake up and take a stand against the cultural forces that are fighting tooth-and-nail to destroy their spirit and their families. Time is short and the call is urgent. Discover your hidden passion and find out what women really want.

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