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WND readers let loose on 'Cruz morality' question

GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz (Photo: Twitter)

One of the more contentious issues in 2016’s historic and highly unusual election cycle has overflowed onto the pages of WND over the last couple of days.

Monday night, WND posted a column by Managing Editor David Kupelian headlined “Is the Cruz campaign moral?” It documented that not only are Cruz operatives swarming over primary states won by Donald Trump in efforts to persuade Trump delegates to vote for Cruz on a second ballot at the GOP nominating convention this summer, but are actually recruiting pro-Cruz people to become the Trump delegates – so that if the billionaire front-runner doesn’t win the magic number of 1,237 delegates before the convention, Cruz is likely to win on a second ballot.

Wrote Kupelian:

Donald Trump won the Arizona primary in a landslide, 47.1 percent to Ted Cruz’s 24.9 percent, giving the GOP front-runner all 58 of that winner-take-all state’s delegates.

Right now, the Cruz campaign is engaged in a “furious” on-the-ground campaign in Arizona – and in other states won by Trump, including Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee – to convert Trump delegates into Cruz delegates on a second ballot, should there be a contested GOP convention this summer.

The question is: Is this moral?

A tidal wave of responses from WND readers followed, including more than 3,000 comments attached to the column itself, plus a tsunami of email coming to WND.

Then, 24 hours later, WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah jumped into the fray and posted a rebuttal column, headlined “It’s just politics, people,” articulating the other side of the argument.

“We live in a country of representative government,” explained Farah. “It doesn’t always work well, but it’s probably the best system of governance one can hope for in a fallen world.”

He continued, “In a representative government, the people do not make policy decisions directly. Instead, they vote for representatives who do.

“With that in mind, let me pose the question in slightly revised form: Suppose a member of Congress is elected in your district by the express will of the majority. Let’s also assume you believe that member is taking a wrong position on a particular issue. Would it be immoral for you to try to persuade him/her to vote differently?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

“It seems to me that is analogous to what the Cruz campaign is doing with Arizona delegates pledged to Trump. By the way, they are pledged to Trump only on the first ballot! If they are legally and morally pledged to Trump on the first ballot, please explain to me why it would be immoral to persuade them to vote for someone else on the second? It doesn’t even make any sense to me,” he wrote. “I would suggest there is plenty of immorality built into our politics. It’s true that a small minority within the Republican establishment is trying to force its will upon the vast majority of Republican voters. The same thing is happening within the Democratic Party establishment.

“But this is not an example of that. This is an example of people and campaigns working within the established rules to make their case for a specific candidate.”

More passionate reader responses ensued.

So, what exactly are all those thousands of WND readers saying?

What do YOU think? Is it moral for Cruz to snatch up Trump’s delegates? Sound off in today’s WND poll

Overall it’s a split decision. Large numbers of WND readers argue that rules are rules, they’re the same for all the candidates, and as long as Team Cruz abides by them it is fair game for them to turn Trump delegates into Cruz delegates. In fact, some insist, this is the system working exactly as it was intended.

However, just as many readers express outrage, claim Cruz’s delegate-poaching activities are “immoral” and subvert the clear will of voters. Some also complain of a wider pattern of “sleazy” campaign tactics on the part of the Cruz campaign.

Here is a small but representative sampling:

What do YOU think? Is it moral for Cruz to snatch up Trump’s delegates? Sound off in today’s WND poll