3 problems with deceptive ‘lavender’ graduations

By Linda Harvey

Are many of our universities becoming institutions of higher superstition? The so-called “lavender graduations” may be Exhibit A.

These are the separate-but-more-equal ceremonies taking place to honor homosexual and gender-offending graduates so they feel more “included” – by segregating themselves.

And by milking the ongoing “LGBT” victimhood narrative for all it’s worth.

When do Christian students get a separate graduation for surviving years of mischaracterization, denigration and bigotry?

In some ways, though, it’s hard to blame students who have been nurtured in post-Christian America on one bald-faced lie after another. They idolize a president who invents sexually deviant “civil rights” law for the gender confused where it doesn’t exist. He is spitefully punitive when challenged (ask North Carolina), and views Cecile Richards as a heroine.

These days in America, mythology starts at the top.

From Kansas State to Emory, from Texas Tech to Yale, numerous colleges have jumped on the bandwagon of honoring proud sodomy with ceremonies the Human Rights Campaign calls a chance to celebrate the students’ “achievements and contributions.”

Even a few Catholic schools like Notre Dame and Loyola-Marymount are wandering down the lavender brick road. Santa Clara University describes its lavender event using language lifted directly from the Human Rights Campaign website, as does Georgetown, which adds that the homosexual graduation “… has grown to be a signature event that celebrates all of the Hoya community.”

Except for those who respect the teachings of Christ, that is.

Loyola Marymount has trouble supporting authentic Christian doctrine. The college just suspended, without notice and with no explanation, a long-time staff member accused of unspecified offenses objecting to homosexuality in a dialogue with students who were posting signs promoting “LGBTQ+ Awareness Week.”

So we know which god this college is serving, and it’s not the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are just three of the many reasons a “lavender graduation” is a horrible idea:

1. This is not “diversity.” Where does any university “multicultural center” come off with defining sin and perversion as bona fide characteristics of a minority group? These bad behaviors are not ethnicities, nor are they like biological sex or like race.

These are chosen paths of delusion that nearly always involve health-compromising conduct, like anal sex; use of artificial objects as sex “toys,” which frequently cause bodily injury; taking unnatural, opposite-sex hormones; or the amputation of perfectly healthy breasts and penises.

In other words, this is a celebration of the phony rather than the natural, the concocted rather than the genuine.

Come to think of it, maybe “lavender” graduations are actually a metaphor for the entire spirit of modern academia.

Homosexuality and gender distortion are also associated with higher incidence of substance abuse, psychiatric issues and suicide attempts.

And these poor life and health outcomes aren’t leveling off with more acceptance, belying the claim that stigmatization causes such dysfunction.

Many of these students will not be functional as donor alumni for long. Their futures are quite shaky, and many, sadly, will implode.

2. Sexual sin is always a limitation, not a positive attribute. Any achievements of these students have occurred in spite of their sexual/gender confusion, not because of it. Who knows how much more they could have attained without the obvious drawbacks of identity distortion and sexual immorality?

Homosexual behavior is always a handicap in a person’s life, muting the glory of personal relationships, academic achievement, professional success, physical health and well-being. Most importantly, it wrecks a person’s relationship with God.

Since no one is born homosexual (science is silent with such evidence) and no one can actually transform from female to male or vice versa, these sinful identities are complete fabrications.

This is sexual alchemy.

Just think of the possible contributions of the talented collegian not hampered by the weight of these grave sins.

3.“Safe spaces” demanded by “LGBTQ” collegians are places to hide from the truth. The bubble of predigested influences mandated on many campuses is a particular priority of the sexually compromised, a clear indicator of spiritual and psychological distress.

Many of the campus “LGBT” centers are touted as “safe spaces.” At the University of Missouri, infamous for its recent campus absurdities, the “LGBTQ” Resource Center is the lavender ceremony sponsor. This center also brags about its “safe spaces” program, and its “outreach panels” to “combat homophobia.” What persuasion do the panels use?

“OUTreach panels consist of about four panelists sharing nothing other than their personal stories. Each panelist will share what coming out meant to them. … After the initial introductions, panelists open the floor to questions. All questions are accepted. Panelists do reserve the right to not answer any questions if they so choose. …”

So, no facts, just “I am involved in these behaviors and I expect people to think that’s great. But please don’t ask any tough questions that challenge my assumptions – I can’t cope with it!”

And of course, such fragile handling is seldom extended to speakers who object to homosexuality. My own history of campus and non-campus speaking engagements to “LGBT” audiences includes instances of heckling, chanting and shouting over the speaker, taking unauthorized photos and video and posting later with vile comments, dishonest “reporters” who did not disclose their far-left blog assignments and media coverage that was boldly biased, inaccurate and anti-Christian.

The demand is for “safety,” but there’s no safety under the burden of sin. Reality becomes as sharply convicting as the name of Jesus is to demons, and requires (these students believe) a talisman to invoke protection from it. “Safety” has become a magical word, as superstition replaces objectivity.

Homosexuals and the “transgendered” are victims only of their own desires and delusions. But freedom of thought is too often prohibited in these ivy-covered halls of bondage.

The Human Rights Campaign needs the pledges of these dedicated acolytes, swearing to cling to their hatred of Christians. They are being asked sell their souls one more time before entering the “unsafe” world to hear contrary doctrine that might, if allowed, set them free.

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