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In the climactic scene of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Billy Bibbit, a likeable but painfully withdrawn young male patient in a mental institution, finally seems to be emerging from a lifetime of crippling anxiety, depression and suicide attempts, speaking boldly and without stuttering for the first time.

Louise Fletcher portrays the dreaded Nurse Ratched in 1975's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."
Nurse Ratched from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” courtesy of United Artists.

As the other patients good-naturedly cheer Billy on, the cold and malevolent head administrator, Nurse Ratched – perversely threatened by Billy’s new-found freedom and independence – manipulates him right back down into the depths of his mental dungeon. He pitifully sinks to the floor, stammering and screaming, as the guards drag him away. Shortly thereafter, Billy commits suicide, slashing his own throat.

As movie-goers (and readers of Ken Kesey’s novel) well understand, Nurse Ratched is hands-down the craziest and most dangerous person in the whole “Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Today, as America increasingly resembles a sprawling insane asylum – with 50 million people dependent on mind-altering psychiatric meds and another 25 million taking drugs illegally, suicide at a 30-year high, and addiction to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and porn now a full-blown national health crisis – voters may soon be electing their very own national Nurse Ratched to run things, in the person of President Hillary Clinton.

That’s the premise of May’s groundbreaking issue of Whistleblower magazine, which reveals – perhaps for the first time – just how bad for America a Hillary Clinton presidency would actually be. It is titled “AMERICA’S NURSE RATCHED: How President Hillary would turn the U.S. into an insane asylum.”


For years, the news media both left and right – from Chris Matthews to Rush Limbaugh – have likened Hillary Clinton to Nurse Ratched, who was voted the fifth worst movie villain of all time by the American Film Institute. And of course, in a broader context, one could call the whole Democratic Party “the Nurse Ratched party.” After all, the political and cultural left is responsible for a huge amount of the horrendous national and personal chaos that dominates today’s headlines. Yet ironically, the left holds itself out as the anointed leader, caretaker and problem-solver for the millions of dependent, dysfunctional people it has created.

“Make no mistake,” says Whistleblower editor and bestselling author David Kupelian, “today’s Democratic Party is untethered to reality: With ISIS crucifying children and burying them alive, with U.S. joblessness through the roof in a disintegrating economy, with wide-open borders and absurdly reckless immigration and refugee policies transforming America in unthinkable ways, the Democrats’ most urgent national issue seems to be making sure grown men are allowed to pee in the girls’ bathroom.”

But what about the woman who may shortly become president?

There are some obvious parallels to Kesey’s fictional tyrant nurse, says Kupelian: “From her days of vilifying the women victimized by her sex-predator husband, to her betrayal of brave Americans defending the U.S. special mission in Benghazi – and then lying to their grieving parents’ faces about the cause of their deaths – Hillary Clinton has been undeniably two-faced, cold, manipulative and obsessed with power.”

Still, is the whole Nurse Ratched comparison, and all it implies, really fair? And if so, what does it tell us about what a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for America? “AMERICA’S NURSE RATCHED” definitively answers these important questions.

Issue highlights include:

  • “America’s Nurse Ratched: How President Hillary would turn the U.S. into an insane asylum” by David Kupelian
  • “Limbaugh: Exposing Nurse Ratched for 2 decades”
  • “Nurse Ratched hands over her server”
  • “Mainstream media has long history of comparing Hillary with evil ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ nurse”
  • “The Clinton madhouse: Revisiting Hillary’s real accomplishments – scandals, cover-ups and fraud”
  • “Psychiatrist: Leftist leaders are mentally ill” by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., who says, “Distorted perceptions and destructive agenda are the product of disturbed personalities”
  • “Hillary the Other Woman” by Joseph Farah, on “Billy” Clinton’s best and oldest friend, who says: He’s a serial sexual predator and Hillary is a social-climbing enabler
  • “Vladimir Lenin vs. Nurse Ratched”
  • “Clinton confidante: Hillary’s no different than Bernie”
  • “Will Hillary’s lying save America?” by Jack Cashill, who envisions “a future too perverse to contemplate” should Hillary Clinton win the presidency
  • “First Amendment at stake in the 2016 election” by Joseph Farah, on the “all-out war” on Americans’ rights coming under a Hillary presidency
  • “America’s Muslim ‘surge’: Syrian ‘refugees’ flood into U.S. at over 350 per week, but Hillary wants many times more” by Leo Hohmann
  • “2,000 ‘ticking time bombs’ in the U.S. – and counting” by Leo Hohmann, who reveals that a new American mosque opens every week and many preach jihad
  • “Democrats: Freaks, goofballs and liars” by Ted Nugent, in which the rock legend describes the left as “a strange, dangerous subspecies.”

“Try a thought experiment,” says Kupelian. “Fast-forward through the campaign season and imagine that Hillary Clinton has been elected president. The ‘Never-Trump’ people got their wish. It’s January 2017, Inauguration Day has come and gone, and Nurse Ratched is now the leader of the free world.

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“Can you imagine the effect Hillary Clinton would have on the American psyche as president? Can you anticipate the powerful subliminal message that will be continually communicated to America’s young people by having two people so steeped in corruption and crime, Hillary and Bill Clinton, elevated to the White House? After reading ‘AMERICA’S NURSE RATCHED,’ you will understand on a level you never have before why Hillary cannot become president. This issue of Whistleblower may offer the very best argument for Republican unity.”

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