Another Bill Clinton paramour exposes ‘enabler’ Hillary

By Jerome R. Corsi

Dolly Kyle

NEW YORK – Dolly Kyle met Bill Clinton on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1959 when she was 11 years old and Billy – as she has always called him – was 12.

It was love at first sight, as Kyle says in a new book timed for the 2016 election in which she discloses the details of her decades-long affair with the Democratic presidential candidate’s husband.

In “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir,” Kyle describes her first encounter with Bill Clinton as akin to being hit by a thunderbolt, what her Italian family called a “colpo di fulmine,” an instant emotional impact that changed her life forever.

“Our thunderbolt, obviously, did not lead to our living happily ever after. It did, however, bond us together in a liaison that evolved from puppy love to dating to friendship to a passionate love affair,” Kyle writes.

“We talked, flirted, laughed, cried, prayed, sang, walked, danced, wrote letters, made love, broke up, reconnected, and did it all again and again and again. Whatever that thing was between Billy Clinton and me, it lasted decades—transcending state lines, oceans, marriages, societal prohibitions, and political considerations.”

You think you know Hillary and Bill Clinton pretty well? Dolly Kyle’s “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir” uniquely exposes the Clinton machine that is poised once again to occupy the White House.

Kyle testified in the Paula Jones case. Jones was the Arkansas state employee whose sexual harassment lawsuit led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial and an $850,000 out-of-court settlement while her lawsuit was on appeal.


Bill Clinton ‘sex addict’

“I testified truthfully in the Jones case about Billy Clinton’s admission to me that he was a sex addict,” she writes. “A sexual addiction is a far cry from being a womanizer or a guy sowing his wild oats. It is a serious, uncontrollable force that led him into rape and sexual assault as well as to countless sexual encounters of various types over the decades that he was putatively married to the Other Woman.”

Kyle believes the Clintons have a co-dependent relationship that has kept them together.

“While proclaiming himself to be the champion of women’s rights, Billy Clinton has continually betrayed the woman he married, the girl he fathered, and the untold numbers of women he used for his sexual gratification,” she observes.

“Meanwhile, proclaiming herself to be the champion of women’s rights, Hillary Clinton has been behind the threats and intimidation of the women her own husband abused and molested.”

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Kyle’s assessment aligns with the conclusions of Roger Stone and Robert Morrow in their 2015 bestselling book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” which contends Hillary is an “accomplice after the fact.” They write that there were a “plethora of women whose voices she silenced and whose rights she took away” by engaging in a “war of character assassination and caused both physical and emotional trauma to the women who were victims of her husband’s depraved behavior.”

Already, protesters in the 2016 campaign have demanded that the Clintons be brought to justice for a tag-team effort to discredit women who claim they were sexually assaulted or abused by Bill Clinton.

“There are many other women who had sexual affairs or were sexually attacked by Billy Clinton who are not known outside the small town of Little Rock,” Kyle writes.

“There are also plenty who do not even know that people know about them,” she added. “I hope that others will be encouraged by the example of the brave women who finally made public what they had suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby.”

Kyle says Hillary Clinton “shamelessly travels from town to town and looks into television cameras and tells the women of America that she has been ‘fighting’ FOR them throughout her entire career.”

“I would like to know exactly which battle Hillary Clinton ever won on behalf of women.”

‘The other woman’

Kyle’s description of meeting Hillary for the first time is unforgettable.

It was 1974, at the time of the Democratic primary in Arkansas, when Bill Clinton flew to Little Rock from Fayetteville, where he was teaching law while running for Congress. Kyle, already involved in a sexual relationship with him, picked “Billy” up at the airport.

Here’s how Kyle describes what happened:

I opened my car door and resisted the urge to run to Billy’s arms. In public, I always took a cue from his body language. To my amazement, he extended his right hand in the gentleman’s traditional gesture of greeting.

“How good of you to come,” Billy enunciated formally.

I stifled a laugh, wondering what he was thinking, but took his offered hand and shook it. Looking into his eyes, I saw confusion, weakness and fear. My heart went out to him, and I wished he had spent at least part of the afternoon with me; he obviously needed some pampering.

The dowdy-looking woman stepped up beside him. I could see then that she was of our generation, not middle-aged as I first thought.

I couldn’t imagine why Billy would haul such a person in the plane with him in public. She was wearing a misshapen, brown, dress-like thing that must have been intended to hide her lumpy body. The garment was long, but stopped too soon to hide her fat ankles and her thick calves, which, to my astonishment, were covered with black hair.

As a properly raised lady of the Old South, Kyle comments that she knew Bill Clinton would want his “Pretty Girl” – his nickname for Kyle – to look her best, so she put on a new aqua and white dress with a jacket that she had only worn once.

Kyle writes that on examining Hillary closely, she noticed her eyes “bulged out of focus and seemed to glare at me behind coke-bottle-glasses.” The “heavy, dark frames” competed with “thick eyebrows that seemed to stretch from one side of her forehead to the other.” Kyle says that in that moment “I noticed that the woman emitted an overpowering odor of perspiration and greasy hair. I hoped that I wouldn’t gag when she got into my car.”

‘Separate lives, separate homes’

Calling Hillary the “Warden,” Kyle describes the Clintons’ marriage as a political arrangement, insisting Hillary realized after she failed to pass the Washington bar exam and got dismissed from the Watergate Committee for unethical behavior that she could not make her mark in Washington, D.C., unless she followed on Bill coattails.

While never directly calling Hillary a lesbian, Kyle suggests Hillary’s frequently reported angry outbursts over her husbands infidelities had less to do with his marital betrayal than with concern he had created a scandal that might upset her plans of following him into the White House.

“I’ve noticed that many people gloss over the reports about what I call Hillary’s vexcapades, her screaming, cursing, and throwing fits usually as a result of Billy’s sexcapades,” she writes. “Ordinary folks can easily understand how she would be upset with him for having sex with untold numbers of other women while ‘married’ to Hillary. Many people think that her behavior was justified by his provocations, no matter what she said or did.”

Dolly Kyle

Kyle says “the egregious behavior of the Me-First Lady was so trailer trash that she was safe to indulge in it both in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, and later in the White House,” just so long as she never exhibited such behavior in public.

Kyle also displays amazement for Hillary’s ability to be disingenuous, “conjuring up tears as quickly as lies,” as she did when campaigning in the 2008 New Hampshire primary.

“More recently, Hillary was able to maintain a straight face while she filmed a campaign ad saying that women who claim to have been raped or sexually assaulted should be believed,” she says.

“That blatant hypocrisy is truly amazing for a woman who has been married for forty years to a rapist and serial sexual abuser … without even mentioning again that she led the attacks against the women,” writes Kyle.

“The latest series of Hillary’s lies are nothing but campaign ploys. It’s time for the American people—of all or no political persuasion – to take a good, informed look at the real persons behind the endless spewing of lies.”

Kyle charges that if Bill Clinton is a sex addict, then Hillary is Bill’s “chief enabler and co-conspirator,” suppressing the sexual-abuse charges to preserve her ambition to become president.

“Over the past couple of decades, Hillary and Billy have lived separate lives, in separate homes, frequently in separate countries,” Kyle concludes. “As they are forced to spend more and more time together during the campaign season, some of their old, unresolved issues will emerge again.”

This, Kyle predicts, will lead Hillary to attack any who dares bring up during her 2016 run for the White House the truth about Bill’s long history of sexually abusing women.

“Like a codependent family, the United States of America will be dragged into their dysfunctions unless we send them ‘home’ to heal in private,” she writes.

“As Hillary campaigns we see a new spate of attacks against anyone who raises the voice of truth against them, especially in regard to the women who have been raped or sexually assaulted by Billy Clinton over the past decades,” she says.

“Such women will again be called liars by the Clinton sycophants in the mainstream media,” she cautions. “Attacks will also be launched as needed against the hundreds (or thousands, if using the estimate that Billy gave me) of women who had consensual and nonconsensual sexual encounters of any sort with Billy Clinton – from his years at Oxford to his years in political offices in the White House and thereafter.”

In coming forward to discuss openly her sexual past with Bill Clinton, Kyle ends by reflecting on the risks she is taking.

“Hillary is as complicit as a spouse has ever been in supporting a sexual addiction, and she is worse than most because she was and continues to be in a position to attack his victims,” Kyle writes.

“Frankly, I’m concerned that if Hillary gets access to FBI files again and uses the IRS to attack her perceived enemies, again – as she did the last time she was in the White House – it’s going to get even uglier than it has been for those of us who will be perceived as her enemies.”

Kyle ends with the hope that voters will give the Clintons the opportunity to treat Bill’s sex addiction and their co-dependent relationship in “the privacy they need too start their healing process,” far from the White House.

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