By Michael Anthony

President Obama, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, has sent letters to every public school district in America telling them they must allow transgender students into the locker rooms and bathrooms of their choosing – regardless of the sex listed on their birth certificate. The ramifications are staggering. We have reached the point of no return.

The president is presenting a moral wrong as a civil right. If we let him, it won’t matter if he is wrong – he will make that wrong the new normal throughout the land. He is attempting to force the majority to comply with the minority. Isn’t that classically un-American? Don’t his actions fly in the face of the very definition of “democracy”? They do, but they do far more than that. America is in a free fall, and if we don’t reverse this trend, this ride won’t end well.

For all the talk about love and compassion, the president and the LGBTQ minority continue to behave in classically hypocritical ways. They do not want equality. They want control – and they want to shut down anyone whose views don’t align with theirs. They speak of tolerance and love while being completely intolerant and unloving. They label the majority of us “haters,” but it is they who personify and spread hatred.

It is time for people of faith to pray and act. But this is a battle that is not only ours. It’s time for atheists and agnostics to act, too. It’s time for all who recognize the arrogant overreach of the president and the LGBTQ community – and their complete lack of common sense – to unite. We are being bullied by a minority. Of all presidents, this president should be able to appreciate how wrong that is. The fact that he doesn’t is an error of biblical proportions.

We have swallowed a lie that was killing us slowly but now threatens to undue us quickly. The untruth is that to strongly disagree with someone is to hate them and that the only way to love someone is to accept his or her views and behavior.

The president has put himself on a collision course with the overwhelming majority of Americans. He has put himself on a collision course with God – and no one in history has opposed God and won. The president is telling us to obey man rather than God. We know what that means. Or do we? Someone once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Will we allow evil to triumph through our silence?

In the pages of the Bible, we read countless stories of ordinary people who rose to the occasion when resistance to evil was part and parcel of what it meant to love and follow God. But the Bible is not just a historical account of the faithful, nor is it a book of exceptions. It’s primarily a book of examples. What do our actions say about our resistance to evil and our love for God?

For the atheists, agnostics and moralists out there who don’t believe in God or the Bible, we also have countless stories in history of men and women of valor who stood for common sense and who had clear convictions of good and evil – and they, too, fought with courage, humility and honor – even though they didn’t believe in God, or had views of God that differed from others. It’s time we agree on what we can agree upon: Our nation is being destroyed by a lack of humble courage from the overwhelming majority. This majority needs to arise. Not in some distant time in the future. That time is upon us, today.

We’ve reached the tipping point. It’s time for widespread civil disobedience in the United States of America. The majority of us need to act with humble courage – not once or twice, but with unending resolve. Nothing less is needed if we intend to win this war.

I wish the president demonstrated the same immediacy, passion and determination toward protecting the unborn, securing our borders, dealing with government corruption and containing radical Islam as he does for pushing his sexual agenda. Of all the issues that could consume a presidency, it’s clear that sex and sexuality stand supreme for Mr. Obama. His convictions and actions are dangerous for every single one of us.

Michael Anthony, lead pastor of Grace Fellowship in York, Pennsylvania, is the founder and president of and founder of the National Week of Repentance (

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