Now that the 2016 presidential race appears to be a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, some people have said Christians should stay home on Election Day to avoid voting for the lesser of two evils.

Award-winning journalist and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian is fed up with people telling him they refuse to vote for “the lesser of two evils.”

“We’re all evil, guys,” Kupelian said during a recent appearance on American Family Radio’s “Today’s Issues.” “Sin is evil. Every president who’s ever lived, including George Washington and Ronald Reagan, has had some evil, some sin in them. Knock it off with ‘the lesser of two evils.’ The lesser of two evils is the greater good.”

Kupelian said Americans have allowed their nation to become evil with the kind of culture, laws and entertainment he described in his most recent book, “The Snapping of the American Mind.” On “Today’s Issues,” he told host Tim Wildmon the left cannot operate without violating all of God’s Ten Commandments.

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For example, God commanded His people not to steal, but the left believes in essentially stealing wealth from some and redistributing it to others. God commanded His people not to murder, but the left champions the killing of millions of unborn babies through abortion. God commanded His people not to commit adultery, but the left’s entire “sexual revolution” is based on sexual immorality and infidelity.

Kupelian clarified that when he refers to “the left,” he is not talking about people who simply want to create a bigger safety net for the poor.

“I’m not talking about liberals,” he said. “I’m talking about the hard left that is in rebellion against God, that is basically atheistic and that hates the idea that there are standards, moral standards. They don’t learn the laws of life, of economics, of history. They’re incredibly arrogant; they reinvent history.”

The influence of the hard left is abundantly evident on American college campuses, says Kupelian. He noted that filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently went to Portland State University and asked people on campus if they would help raise money to fund a Hamas attack designed to wipe Israel off the map.

Several students in the discreetly filmed video expressed sympathy for Horowitz’s faux cause and agreed to donate money.

“If people are not appalled at what’s going on in the colleges today, they are not paying attention,” Kupelian concluded. “We’ve gone way beyond the liberal Marxist professors [of yesteryear]. It is outright insane what is going on in colleges today.”

Society has gone mad – and it’s not an accident. Find out why in David Kupelian’s “The Snapping of the American Mind,” available in the WND Superstore.

The insanity of leftist influences is largely responsible for today’s skyrocketing suicide, depression and drug-taking on college campuses, says Kupelian. However, he noted that it is not just college students who appear on the verge of snapping. A staggering 50 million Americans take some sort of legal mind-altering psychiatric drug, and another 25 million take similar illegal drugs. In fact, Kupelian revealed, 11 percent of all Americans ages 12 and up are taking antidepressants.

What’s more, he said 85 percent of young men and nearly 50 percent of young women reportedly watch pornography at least once a month. This addiction to graphic sex may explain why 110 million Americans currently suffer from a sexually transmitted disease.

With such astronomical statistics, “it sounds like all the grownups, and more, are sick, are addicted to some drug or other, and really, it’s because there’s so much conflict, because our culture in the hands of the left has taken us so far away from God and His basic laws of life,” Kupelian said. “They’ve taken us so far away in the last couple generations that people live in a state of horrible conflict, and when you’ve got conflict, you want to relieve the pain somehow, and that’s where all the drugs and addictions come in.”

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Kupelian described how the left has put people in conflict with their own consciences. Human beings, he said, innately know right from wrong, even if they have never read the Bible, so when they see leftist authorities extolling evil and castigating good, it puts them at odds with their own nature and their destiny as God’s children.

“Human beings are spiritual creatures, and we’re not meant to live like this,” Kupelian said. “So we escape, we try to deal with the pain the best we can, and for many of us, tens of millions of us, it’s drugs – mood-altering and pain-relieving drugs.”

Given the depths to which American culture has sunk, Kupelian suggested it might be too much to ask for a perfect presidential candidate.

“We somehow expect Jesus to run for president,” he chided. “We expect the perfect Christian saint to be elected. Ain’t gonna happen this time.”

He said Christians should be grateful they at least have Donald Trump as an option – a decent man who has raised a decent family and found great success as a businessman. On the other hand, they have the corrupt and dishonest Hillary Clinton.

“There is really a clear choice this time,” Kupelian declared. “One of those two is going to be president, and we need to man up and not say, ‘Oh, it’s not perfect, so I’m gonna stay home and not vote.’ That’s your right to stay home and not vote, but I never want to hear from you again about any complaints after the election if the wrong person wins.”

Society has gone mad – and it’s not an accident. Find out why in David Kupelian’s “The Snapping of the American Mind,” available in the WND Superstore.


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