A Catholic archbishop in Spain has delivered a harsh condemnation of a secular agenda that formally recognizes same-sex duos, and now he’s facing possible prosecution for committing a “hate crime.”

Under President Obama, the U.S. administration has promoted and praised same-sex relationships and other alternative sexual lifestyles.

On Tuesday, Obama released a proclamation naming June LGBT Pride month and noted that his efforts have not stopped at America’s borders.

“Advancing the fair treatment of all people has long been a cornerstone of American diplomacy, and we have made defending and promoting the human rights of LGBT individuals a priority in our engagement across the globe,” he boasted.

“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists

Many countries have fallen in line with Obama’s taxpayer-funded promotion of homosexuality, lesbianism and transgenderism.

According to the European-based The Local, officials in Valencia, Spain, were proposing to give unmarried duos the same rights as married couples and to institute special rights for transgendered individuals.

In response, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, archbishop of Valencia, said, “This is what is destructive, the ideology most insidious and destructive to mankind throughout history is the ideology of gender, which is trying to force the world powers in a more or less sneaky way throughout the world, with cruel legislation that does not have to be obeyed.”

In his Sunday sermon he said, “Also in our community there is new legislation inspired by this ideology, and I ask those whom it may concern to avoid going against humanity.

“Valencia does not deserve this, nor should it be spearheading the implementation of such insidious and destructive ideology,” he said.

The Valencia LGBT advocacy group Lambda reacted, declaring in a statement that it would file a formal hate speech complaint against the archbishop for his comments.

The Spanish-language El Espanol reported that the archdiocese explained he was defending “the eucharistic project in everyday life” versus “forgetfulness of God,”

The report said Canizares was objecting to laws that allow cohabiting, giving same-sex duos equal status with married couples and a proposal addressing transsexuality.

In the United States, Obama appointed a prominent transgender man to a key faith advisory position.

He named Barbara Satin to be a member of the president’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, a choice commentator Tim Brown at Freedom Outpost scorched as a “mentally sick transgender man.”

“And America tolerates this depravity!” Brown wrote. “Satin needs repentance, not an advisory position, but I don’t blame Barack Obama for that. Instead, I blame the United Church of Christ for its lack of loving discipline towards Barbara. They have allowed this person to wander into sin without any loving restraints to call him to repentance and allow him to stay in good standing in the body of Christ rather than a stern and sharp rebuke of his sin towards the Creator.”


Obama had described Satin, along with others on a list of appointees, as “fine public servants [who] bring a depth of experience and tremendous dedication to their important roles. I look forward to working with them.”

Obama’s statement said Satin was the assistant faith work director for the National LGBTQ Task Force.

“Outlasting the Gay Revolution” spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values counter attacks on our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience by homosexual activists

“She is an active member of the United Church of Christ and served on the denomination’s executive council as its first openly transgender member. Ms. Satin recently worked on the development of Spirit on Lake, a LGBTQ senior housing project in Minneapolis. She served on the board of directors for OutFront Minnesota from 2001 to 2008 and has served as chair of GLBT Generations since 1999. She has also served on the board of directors of PFund Foundation, a regional LGBTQ community foundation advancing social justice in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, since 2013,” Obama’s statement said.

Derrick Wilburn wrote on Allen West’s website, “Barack Obama has appointed a man who identifies as a woman to serve on his Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.”

“It’s nothing short of amazing how far this president has come since his public affirmation of belief that marriage is between one man an one woman just a few years ago,” he wrote. “Satin has a published biography which states in part, ‘At age 54, Barbara took early retirement and then began to explore more fully her transgender identity.’ ‘With the support of her children and a knowledgeable therapist, Barbara came to understand that her transgender identity was how God had made her and rather than being a curse it could be a blessing in her life.’ ‘As a way to more fully explore her identity, she moved out of the family home to live full-time as Barbara.'”

Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor at Hope Christian Church, said the common assumption that civil rights laws designed to address racial discrimination should incorporate alternative sexual lifestyles is wrong.

And he warned: “The church cannot afford to be asleep. She’s got to stand up. She’s got to engage, and believing Christians have got to understand this problem is coming to a bathroom near you. Your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are going to be affected if we sleep on our watch this time around.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Bishop Harry Jackson:


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