Second police car burns in Ferguson

Police car burns in Ferguson, Missouri

The city of Ferguson, Missouri, swore in its first-ever African-American police chief this week, confirming one black leader’s suspicion about the way liberals intended to exploit the killing of Michael Brown.

“This is what the Michael Brown incident has been about all along,” Jesse Lee Peterson, founder of the nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, declared in an interview with WND. “It was never about racism, it was never about Michael Brown; it was about using Michael Brown in order to redistribute power – take it away from the white man and give it to the blacks and those who sympathize and agree with Barack Obama or liberals.”

Delrish Moss, a veteran of the Miami, Florida, Police Department, replaces Tom Jackson, who resigned last year after the U.S. Justice Department issued a blistering report on the practices of the Ferguson Police Department. The DOJ report scolded the Ferguson PD for harboring a bias against black residents, using excessive force and focusing their efforts on generating revenue, among other things.

The DOJ released another report the very same day, concluding that Officer Darren Wilson was not unreasonable when he used deadly force against Brown. However, they did not let Wilson’s innocence stop them from demanding numerous changes in the Ferguson PD, including the hiring of more racial minorities.

When Moss addressed his officers for the first time after being sworn in, he warned them, “If you do the job in a way that disrespects the badge that you hold, I will see to it that you are either removed from police service, or further prosecuted.”

The chief, who told CBS News he was harassed by white police as a teenager in Miami, insisted he will hold his own officers to a higher standard, saying, “I expect to clean house where I find that people need to go.”

Colin Flaherty, a reporter who documented numerous examples of black violence in his book, “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” scoffs at the notion that Ferguson police officers should be on thin ice. He pointed out violent and property crimes in Ferguson are largely committed by blacks.

“This entire episode is based on one false premise: that cops are causing the crime in Ferguson,” Flaherty told WND. “That is a lie, part of the greatest lie of our generation, the hoax of black victimization. Police are the good guys – even if they ask black people to obey the law.

“Another part of the big lie is the criminals are victims and the cops are the bad people. So everything we hear from Ferguson is based on that – so everything we hear is bound to turn into a disaster because it is based on a false idea.”

Peterson, a WND columnist and author of “The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood,” agreed with Flaherty that Moss should not treat his officers like the bad guys. And he fears crime will only get worse with a liberal black chief in charge.

“Now that they’re putting this liberal police chief in there, things are not going to get better; it’s only going to get worse,” Peterson warned. “There are black liberal Democrats running the urban areas around the country – city councils, police departments, mayors – and urban areas are absolutely out of control.

“So it’s not going to get better, and who are they going to blame that on? They’re going to blame it on the whites again, saying that they don’t have the money and they don’t have this or that. They’re never going to take responsibility for their own failures.”

Moss told CNN he was driven to become a police officer because of two encounters he had with Miami police as a teenager. One time an officer searched him and called him the N-word while he was walking after dark, and another time an officer jumped out of his car and frisked him without warning.

So he decided to become a policeman to provide better service to his community than he was getting, and he later sought a high-ranking position to fire bad cops like the ones who abused him, according to the Chicago Tribune.

But Peterson doesn’t believe Moss’ background makes him the right person to turn Ferguson into a less violent city.

“You might not hear as many blacks complaining about racism now that they have a black police chief in there, but you’re not going to see the crime go down, you’re not going to see violence ending, you’re not going to see a safer and better community as a result of having a black police chief,” Peterson said.

Flaherty likewise said Moss may be more popular with black residents, but only if he proves to be soft on black crime.

“If the new chief reduces arrests, and looks the other way when black people commit crime in Ferguson, then he will be popular,” Flaherty predicted. “Because Ferguson is one of those places where, despite all the talk, criminals are more popular than cops.”

At his introduction, Moss spoke of the need to bring “nobility” back to police work. Peterson disputes the idea that police ever lost a sense of nobility in the first place.

“Nobility wasn’t taken from the police department in Ferguson; the police officers were doing their jobs,” he insisted. “They just were not allowed to do their jobs if it was a white officer on a black person because they would be called racist, they would lose their jobs, their careers would be destroyed.”

In talking about why Moss was the best choice for police chief, Ferguson City Manager De’Carlon Seewood emphasized Moss’ public relations acumen.

“He knows how to talk to citizens, talk to the press, and get them informed about changes,” Seewood said, according to KRON. “We haven’t done a good job of talking about the reforms that are being put in place.”

But Peterson said the city has its priorities in the wrong place if it wants to focus on messaging rather than enforcing the law and protecting residents from criminals.

“The police department is not a social service,” Peterson cautioned. “It’s not there to make you feel good. They’re there to keep the innocents safe and protect them from the criminals, and if this police chief goes soft it’s just going to give the criminals permission to get even worse, because they know they’re going to be catered to rather than punished.”

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