Clinton ‘sweetheart’ to Cuomo: Hillary much worse than ‘enabler’

By WND Staff

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Dolly Kyle, the childhood sweetheart of “Billy” Clinton and someone who knows the sordid history of the former first couple better than almost anyone, offered enthusiastic support for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s charge that Hillary Clinton is an “enabler” of Bill’s serial sexual predations.

Kyle even argued that Trump should have gone further.

“Not only is Hillary Clinton an enabler, she is also a co-conspirator,” she charged. “If Juanita Broaddrick had filed criminal charges after Billy raped her in 1978, Hillary could have been charged as an accessory after the fact because she threatened Juanita afterward. ‘Enabler’ is the most polite thing you could call Hillary.

“It’s perfectly legitimate for Donald Trump to bring up this line of argument. The most important thing about people who want to be in a public office is their honesty and integrity. The Clintons have a history of terrorism against American citizens. They have used threats, violence and intimidation in furtherance of their political aims, and that is the very definition of terrorism.”

Kyle chronicles her long history with the Clintons in the explosive new book “Hillary the Other Woman,” and its revelations are likely to become a prominent part of the upcoming general election campaign.

Kyle was responding to aggressive questioning by CNN’s Chris Cuomo of Trump after the presumptive nominee opened up his new line of attack against Hillary.

Trump was challenged for calling the former first lady an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who “destroyed” the lives of women preyed on by her husband.

Cuomo criticized Trump’s tactics, trying to shame the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee for bringing up Bill Clinton’s past.

“You are attacking Hillary Clinton for the sexual past and indiscretions of her husband, calling her an enabler,” Cuomo charged. He claimed a panel of “smart as heck” independent voters the network had assembled didn’t like these tactics, and then implied this could be interpreted as Trump having no real ideas.

Trump refused to accept the CNN host’s framing of the debate, sarcastically calling Cuomo’s introduction “a nice way to start off the interview” and shaming Cuomo for not congratulating him on having won the race. But after the two bickered over policy, Trump returned to the main charge and called Bill Clinton “the worst abuser of women as a politician in the history of our country.”

Read an exclusive excerpt from Dolly Kyle’s blockbuster, “Hillary the Other Woman” – “Why the Clinton co-presidency failed on terrorism.”

Trump criticized the former president for lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky and for being impeached, and promised he would do far more for women than Hillary Clinton as president.

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With Trump’s high negative approval ratings, some political analysts expect Trump to try to destroy Hillary Clinton with the kind of rough campaigning that defined his romp through the Republican primary season. However, Kyle says Trump putting Hillary in his crosshairs isn’t destructive or negative campaigning, but simply telling the truth.

“Saying that Trump is ‘destroying’ Hillary is putting it wrong,” said Kyle. “She has shot herself in the foot, as we say in the South, by all of the things she has done, so don’t shoot the messenger, whether it’s Donald Trump or Dolly Kyle. Billy Clinton threatened to destroy me. Hillary destroyed the reputations and the lifestyles of who knows how many women over the years? I don’t think the terminology of Trump ‘destroying’ her from the outside is the correct way to put it. He is merely explaining why Hillary made so many horrible choices over the last 40 years. It is well past time for her to start experiencing some of the consequences.”

“The better way to put this is Trump is hoping to hold her accountable. On the back cover of my book, I quote Hillary saying: ‘If you are going to talk, tell the whole story. There has to be accountability.’ Yes, Hillary, that applies to you too! This is the same woman who looked into television cameras and condescendingly said women who say they have been raped and sexually assaulted should be believed. That should go for women who were raped and sexually assaulted by her own husband too. That’s why she’s not only an enabler, but a co-conspirator, and an accessory after the fact.”

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Kyle chronicles the many scandals which have defined the Clintons’ time in public life in her book, but notes sadly that neither Bill nor Hillary has ever been held accountable. And for those counting on the Department of Justice, a new report this week casts doubt on whether Hillary Clinton will ever be punished for running government emails through an unsecured private server. According to a recent report, Hillary Clinton received almost $75,000 in campaign contributions from DOJ employees, casting doubt on whether the department could ever credibly investigate Clinton.

Kyle argued the problems which have allowed the Clintons to escape justice go beyond the Department of Justice.

“I don’t think the money in and of itself shows that they will escape justice, but think the political situation in Washington has been compromised for years. This latest disclosure about money is just one more piece of evidence. It is hard to imagine that Hillary would be held accountable. She’s never been held accountable up to today, nor has Billy ever been held accountable.”

However, Kyle called herself a “hopeful person” and believed justice would win out in the end.

“Perhaps I’m a naive person,” she told WND. “But I think at some point, surely, someone with integrity will stand up and call for the right thing to happen.”

Part of that, she says, involves talking about Hillary Clinton’s role in enabling what she says were the sexual crimes of Bill. And she had a message for Chris Cuomo and anyone else who didn’t think this was a real issue.

“I would say to Chris Cuomo that part of the reason so many women, girls and boys, yes, and men too have been raped and sexually assaulted in this country is because no one wants to talk about it. It is still a taboo subject. People are not reporting these crimes because they are afraid. It is still socially harmful.”

Kyle condemned Hillary Clinton’s defense of a child-rape suspect when she was a young attorney, and also referred to unearthed recordings showing Clinton laughing about the case.

“Hillary eviscerated a 12-year-old girl who had been raped by an adult man,” Kyle said. “Hillary made fun, she laughed about it. This is a man who was guilty. She got him off for time served. And it destroyed that young girl’s life! These people have had no accountability and I’m sick of it.”

Kyle asked Cuomo to examine himself and reflect on why he doesn’t think Hillary Clinton’s role in enabling Bill Clinton’s sexual crimes is a real issue.

“Cuomo either has no psychological insight or empathy, or he’s in denial like so many other people,” Kyle said. “God only knows what happened to him when he was a kid. When people don’t want to talk about these things, I always suspect they are in denial about something which happened in their own lives.”

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