A Range Rover intentionally slams into a parked Jaguar blocking its exit in Xiamen, China May 23, 2016 (YouTube)

A Range Rover intentionally slams into a parked Jaguar blocking its exit in Xiamen, China, May 23, 2016 (YouTube)

Be careful where you park.

That’s the lesson to be learned after a driver in China decided to ram his SUV into a parked car that was blocking his exit.

Video of the incident posted on YouTube May 23 by the People’s Daily has already gone viral, receiving some 50,000 views.

The text on YouTube notes: “This video shows a white Range Rover smashing on a Jaguar parked alongside road for six times, with each time harder than the last one. The crowds can be heard cheering for each bump and encouraging the driver to ‘smash harder!’ and ‘smash here!'”

The South China Morning Post reported the incident took place in the city of Xiamen, but mistakenly called the male driver a woman: “To cheers from onlookers in the southeastern city’s Siming district, the woman can be seen repeatedly driving her white Range Rover into a black Jaguar which had blocked her exit from a parking space.”

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A police officer reportedly stood by, but did not appear to try to stop the ramming.

Once the Jaguar was pushed out of the way, the man drove off, but was said to be arrested for intentional damage to property.

Police in Xiamen said a financial dispute related to a fraud case was at the heart of the matter, and an investigation is under way.

Some comments on YouTube include:

  • “I’m guessing Jaguar owner will think twice before next time he parks blocking other cars.”
  • “One word = “CHINA”

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