The German government has kicked off a campaign, funded in part by taxpayers, to help teach migrants how to flirt with women in the proper manner, a video released on YouTube reveals.

In the video, cut by the government funded Pro Familia organization in the town of Eichstatt, a group of migrant males are seen in a room with a handful of young German females. The project leader then asks the migrants to try to pick up the girls using their best lines, but most seem too shy, Breitbart reported.

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“The majority doesn’t have a clue how to approach the opposite sex in this country” said Christian Zech, project leader, to a local television station.

In one clip, a male named Somalian Sadik tells a girl, “Wow, you really are quite good looking.” The girl then responds and tells him to “take it slowly” and “don’t be too pushy.”

The migrants, toward the end of the video, are then handed booklets that contain sex tips, including advice on avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and the proper role of condoms.

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The video, entitled “Workshop for Refugees: How Western Women Tick,” has received negative feedback from viewers, Breitbart reported.

Germany’s government came under international fire for its response to multiple rapes and sexual assaults reported during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne, many of which were committed by refugees who came from parts of the world where women are treated as property.

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