The leftist playbook reads: Find an issue that can divide the electorate, that exploits a mythical victim the left can defend against the “hateful” attacks of the right. That is when the issue of transgender bathrooms was conceived.

The story goes like this: Somewhere out there, there is a poor, mistreated, gender-confused child who is being taunted and bullied by mean schoolchildren raised by extreme right-wing Christian conservative haters. The poor kid can’t even go to the bathroom in peace.

Their transgendered savior fairytale hopes to accomplish two things:

1) Distract from things that really matter to the American voter, like terrorists and a $19 trillion debt, and

2) Turn all right-leaning voters into those bullies hurting their non-existent, mythical hero-savior.

They can’t win without their transgendered savior, because their over-used establishment candidate (Hillary) has failed miserably on issues that matter to voters, like national and economic security.

Here is what is disheartening: Christian leaders are falling right into the trap.

Conservative Christian leaders are taking to the airwaves and starting boycotts over this issue. Conservative politicians are giving speeches to crowds of angry evangelicals about prayer being taken out of schools and about the perverts who will now be given free reign to waltz into bathrooms across the nation and molest their children in transgender bathrooms.

The rushed response from the right to this contrived controversy is exactly what the left wants.

Conservatives had already won this issue. It is disgusting to say that some predator (regardless of gender identity) can follow your daughter into the bathroom or locker room and claim “momentary gender confusion” as the excuse. Many women and children have already been molested, assaulted and invaded based upon the political correctness of this entire idea run amok.

But the left needed a savior, because Hillary is losing.

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As soon as a conservative leader pointed to the Bible to illustrate why the transgendered bathroom edict handed down by the Obama administration was evil, they gave the left the ammo to paint Christian conservatives with the broad brush as hateful bigots once again.

The left has given the rest of America a choice ahead of the next election: Either stand with the hateful, religious right, or join the tolerant, loving left.

Donald Trump was asked recently about the North Carolina bathroom bill, and he said there have been very few problems until now, so just “leave it the way it is.” The follow-up question was if Caitlyn Jenner could use the bathroom of his/her choice at Trump Towers. Trump responded as if he hadn’t given the issue much thought and said Jenner could use whatever bathroom he/she wanted.

Trump haters were enraged that Trump didn’t champion the issue and lead the charge against the left on this one. Instead, Trump stepped around that trap and didn’t fall for it, knowing Hillary and Obama were baiting conservatives to make their non-existent transgendered savior a reality. He simply refused.

It’s always been illegal for perverts to look at, touch, or otherwise assault women and children in bathrooms. That hasn’t changed. I follow my children to the bathroom in public places and homeschool them so that no public school can force their values on my children. Not everyone can do that, I understand. This is a battle we need to have, but we can’t let them use it to win the war against us.

I was boycotting Target and others already because of their other leftist positions on abortion and other issues. Conservatives ought to use their wallets to make their political points whenever possible.

So, how should conservatives respond to this contrived issue in an effective way that doesn’t compromise our values, but still contributes to winning the election in November?

The proper response is to use common sense. Luckily for conservative Christians, conservatism and Christian principles are both based on common sense. You don’t have to wave the Bible around to get people to understand that men stand up to use the bathroom and women sit down.

When discussing the bathroom issue with your leftist friends and colleagues, respond while shaking your head with a puzzled look as though they are speaking a different language.

My favorite response goes something like this: People are getting their heads cut off by ISIS, and we are $19 trillion in debt – and you are worried about what bathroom people use?

The liberal fantasy hero only works when the right responds with outrage at their contrived controversies. Don’t fall into their trap.

Common sense tells us that this issue is ridiculous. Liberals should feel foolish for even bringing it up.

Show the country that conservatives are worried about important issues that actually matter and that liberals are meddling in issues that are so idiotic that they don’t even deserve a response.

If a liberal news commentator or even your lefty co-worker feels foolish for even bringing up the issue, Hillary’s savior fades back into the liberal fantasy storybook where it belongs. Then voters can talk about issues that win elections, like terror and the economy. When conservatives win in November, take back the Supreme Court and begin to reclaim our economy, we can set the narrative and begin to help the left understand why women and children in bathrooms have rights, too.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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