Insiders expose Hillary’s own ‘war on women’

By Jerome R. Corsi

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK – Supporters of Hillary Clinton who attempt to deflect Donald Trump’s criticism in the ongoing “war on women” debate by insisting she is not to blame for her husband’s serial infidelity and alleged abuse miss the point, contend the authors of two recent books that present evidence of her role as an “enabler.”

Dolly Kyle

Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, in their 2015 bestselling book “The Clintons’ War on Women,” contend Hillary Clinton enabled her Bill Clinton by adopting an aggressive enforcer strategy to silence her husband’s victims.

The authors’ point is precisely the argument Trump is making: Any woman who dared come forward to claim she was abused by Bill Clinton risked a Hillary Clinton counter-attack characterized by intimidation, threats and character assassination.

“The Clintons have jointly abused an incredible number of people in their seemingly charmed scramble for power and money,” Stone wrote in his introduction to the book. “Despite Hillary’s ambition to first elect Bill president and then follow him to the White House, Bill was reckless in his epic philandering and open cocaine use during his period as attorney general and governor. It fell to Hillary to silence his victims and other witnesses, and she rationalized his outrageous behavior rather than hold accountable her sexually abusive and cocaine-driven husband.”

You think you know Hillary and Bill Clinton pretty well? Dolly Kyle’s “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir” uniquely exposes the Clinton machine that is poised once again to occupy the White House.

Stone and Morrow conclude the Clinton’s marriage has always been a sham and that offenses “have not only included Bill’s physical rape of women, but also Hillary’s degradation and psychological rape of the women whom Bill has assaulted.”

Enter Dolly Kyle

Now, Dolly Kyle has come forward in a newly published book by WND Books, “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir,” in which she casts new light on the Clintons’ scandals in her recounting of her decades-long extramarital relationship with Bill Clinton.

As WND reported May 5, it was love at first sight when Kyle met Bill Clinton on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1959 when she was 11 years old and Billy – as she has always called him – was 12.

Kyle’s love affair with Bill Clinton stretched over several decades until 1992, when Bill and Hillary were running for the co-presidency. Kyle testified against him in 1997 in the Paula Jones sexual-harassment case. Jones was the Arkansas state employee whose sexual harassment lawsuit led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial and an $850,000 out-of-court settlement while her lawsuit was on appeal.

hilllary-other-womanKyle describes her first encounter with Bill Clinton as akin to being hit by a thunderbolt, what her Italian family called a “colpo di fulmine,” an instant emotional impact that changed her life forever.

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“Our thunderbolt, obviously, did not lead to our living happily ever after. It did, however, bond us together in a liaison that evolved from puppy love to dating to friendship to a passionate love affair,” Kyle writes.

“We talked, flirted, laughed, cried, prayed, sang, walked, danced, wrote letters, made love, broke up, reconnected, and did it all again and again and again. Whatever that thing was between Billy Clinton and me, it lasted decades—transcending state lines, oceans, marriages, societal prohibitions, and political considerations.”

Dolly fully admits she continued the affair with Bill Clinton even after she got married and had children by another man.

Dolly Kyle

“Eventually, and not surprisingly, I was divorced. It was late January 1974,” Dolly acknowledges, admitting the relationship with Clinton that she could not drop ended up ruining her marriage. “I was twenty-five years old and the mother of three daughters, who were three, five, and seven years old.”

Still, she persisted with Bill, sending him for his 40th birthday a first edition, five-volume set of Woodrow Wilson’s “History of the American People” in rare, green-bound presentation quality hardback books.

Bill Clinton: Sex addict

Finally, Kyle came to the hard realization that Bill Clinton was a sex addict, and even more painfully, that she, too, was a sex addict in a co-dependent relationship that required professional therapy.

Here is how she describes the realization:

I mentioned earlier in passing that for many years I was almost as “sick” as Billy was, but I arrived at a turning point in my life. My divorce that shocked Billy at the Fourth of July party also shocked me into asking myself some serious questions. It was my second divorce and I knew I needed to make some changes. I needed to do something.

I did some reading, realized that I was a codependent, contacted a counselor, and joined a codependency therapy group.

Billy was a sex addict; I was a codependent.

Fine. I began dealing with that.

Then I read more about sex addiction. I realized that Billy and I shared a similar problem. I was also a sex addict.

Not so fine. Not so easy to deal with that.

I started working a twelve-step program.

Not easy.

Not easy at all.

Kyle says she began to realize that she owed it to the many women she believes Bill Clinton sexually abused, even raped, to tell the truth about her sex-addict, co-dependent relationship with, which she finally came to see as pathological.

In the end, she lamented that Bill Clinton could never admit the truth about his sexual addiction.

“He [Bill Clinton] didn’t change his behavior for the better,” Kyle wrote. “He continued in his escalating sexual addiction, and I ended up testifying truthfully under oath” in her deposition in the Jones v. Clinton lawsuit.

Political arrangement

While Kyle refrains from directly accusing Hillary Clinton of being a lesbian, she makes it clear that the Clintons’ relationship was not sexual.

Kyle says Bill Clinton moved in with Hillary Rodham at Yale Law School because he needed someone to pay his rent, and Hillary was willing to let him sponge off her allowance.

“This fact is critically important in understanding the long-term dynamic of their arrangement,” Kyle writes.

She says Hillary’s “role of providing financial security for Billy was part of her motivation for the series of financial crimes (yes, crimes) that she committed over the decades.”

“Hillary was upholding her part of the deal to get Billy elected president, after which it would be her turn to be the first woman in the Oval Office. (She wouldn’t want to count the other women Billy had in there before her!)”

Kyle could understand the attraction between the two because Bill turned out to be equally as addicted to money and power as he was to sex.

“Ideology, integrity, and love of country were never involved in the “Billary” quest for the White House,” Kyle finally concluded. “It was always a codependent, co-conspiratorial grab for money and power and more money and more power. Unfortunately for them, and for the United States of America, there is never enough to satisfy addicts.”

Hillary vows to destroy Dolly

Kyle’s description of the viciousness with which Hillary attacked her after she decided to go public with the details of her relationship with Bill Clinton validates the central argument of Stone and Morrow in “The Clintons’ War on Women.”

Hillary only objected when Kyle threatened to tell the truth through her deposition in the Paula Jones case.

As far as Kyle could figure, Hillary’s motivation in seeking to destroy her was not motivated by jealousy. What Hillary feared was the possibility that exposing Bill Clinton’s many sexual indiscretions, including some that were potentially criminal, would disrupt Hillary’s ambition to become president.

“Hillary and Billy’s later attempts to destroy me ran the gamut from planting false stories in national publications to pretending that I didn’t exist,” Kyle writes. ”Billy would later lie about me under oath in a federal lawsuit, and he would suborn perjury to get another person to lie about me too.”

Kyle insisted Hillary knew exactly what she was doing.

“I’m not sure I ever discovered the full extent of Hillary’s attacks on me because she used various publications to do her dirty work of discrediting me,” Kyle finally concludes: “There appears to be no limit to what Hillary will do to destroy her perceived enemies. I wonder how long it will take her female supporters to realize that they are not her ‘longtime friends’ any more than I was. They are votes for her, pure and simple.”

In the final analysis, Kyle finds Hillary’s claim to be a defender of women to be brazen hypocrisy.

“In her speeches and on her website, without giving any evidence of what she has done, Hillary states that she has been fighting for women for over forty years,” Kyle notes. “She is confused again. She has been attacking women for over forty years.”

Kyle ends by daring the news media to ask Hillary to come clean on her role as an enabler of Bill Clinton’s myriad acts of sexual violence committed on scores of women, most of whom Kyle maintains have yet to come forward with the truth.

“Try to confront Hillary, or ask her nicely, about how she has attacked the women who had sex with her husband,” Kyle dares all Hillary supporters. “See if she ever invites you over for tea and cookies after that.”

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