The results from this week’s that will leave the capital of the United Kingdom under the rule of a Muslim – for the first time in history – is evidence of Islam’s tightening grip on Europe, critics say.

The vote gave the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan a victory over the Conservative Party’s Zac Goldsmith.

The highly divisive campaign reflected the growing ethnic and religious divisions within the city, where many areas are set to be majority Muslim within a matter of years.

Khan’s controversial past became an important issue in the campaign, as a video from 2009 surfaced in which Khan appeared to characterize moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms.”

Khan also repeatedly spoke on the same platform as various Islamic extremists, including Yasser al-Siri, a convicted terrorist and confidante of the notorious preacher Yasser al-Siri. According to Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative, Khan also shared a platform nine times with the imam Suliman Gani, who is alleged to be a supporter of the Islamic State.

As the campaign proceeded, other embarassments for Khan surfaced, including that he followed people on Twitter who posted propaganda for the Islamic State and that his former parliamentary assistant was posting homophobic and misogynistic messages as well as pictures of himself with guns.

Khan’s former brother-in-law Makbool Javaid was also linked to the extremist group Al-Muhajiroun, which praised both the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the July 7, 2005, attacks in London.

For his part, Khan has denied he shares any extremist views with those he’s associated with in the past.

Nonetheless, the Labour Party has avoided taking a defensive stance on the accusations.

Labour Members of Parliament screamed accusations of “racism” against Conservative David Cameron when the British prime minister decried Khan’s links with extremists on the floor of the House of Commons.

Khan has apologized for his remarks about “Uncle Toms” but coupled his mea culpa with further criticism of Zac Goldsmith.

Pamela Geller, an internationally renowned activist against Islamic extremism, WND columnist and the author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” said westerners should be very concerned about Khan becoming the mayor of one of the world’s greatest cities.

“A Muslim who renounced jihad, Shariah, Islamic Jew-hatred, Islamic misogyny, and all the rest and backed up his words with his actions would be fine as a mayor,” Geller told WND. “But Sadiq Khan is not that man. Americans should indeed be worried.”

G.M. Davis, a PhD from Stanford University and the author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World,” called Khan’s victory historic. And he warned the British people, and all Westeners, not to be deceived by Khan’s supposedly liberal views.

“Sadiq Khan’s victory in this week’s London mayoral election is a watershed moment for Islam’s growth in Western Europe,” Davis told WND. “Perhaps just a decade ago, it would have been unthinkable that a major Western capital would elect a Muslim head of government — with the support of a major political party.

“While Khan advertises himself as a liberal and eschews orthodox Islamic positions such as Shariah law, he nonetheless represents the thin end of the wedge in the mounting political presence of Islam in Europe both within and without conventional political channels. A liberal Muslim candidate will in time give way to more orthodox candidates advocating Islam and all it stands for: polygamy, brutality against women and homosexuals, repression of non-Muslim religious groups, and all the hallmarks of Shariah that have marred Islamic history through the ages.”

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Geller also argued Khan’s longtime association with radical Muslims shows his dedication to liberal values is suspect.

“Though he is a Muslim, he supports gay marriage and is not a supporter of Shariah, at least he says he is not,” she commented. “But his associations show his genuine allegiances.”

Adam Taylor of the Washington Post said the campaign was largely driven by “identity politics” rather than policy differences between Goldsmith and Khan.

The 2011 census reported one in eight city residents is a Muslim and more than a third of the city’s population was born in another country.

Davis said Western politicians can continue to ignore the issue, but such sweeping demographic changes will revolutionize politics across the Continent.

“If the Western nations refuse to amend their immigration policies, then it can only be a question of time before all the great cities of Western Europe fall under Muslim leadership,” he warned. “We have already seen Muslims elected to the heads of multiple municipalities. But even the ‘moderate’ Muslims, whether they know it or not, are paving the way for hardliners and their programs of jihad and Shariah, which have left such devastation wherever Islam has gained a foothold in the course of its 14-century history.”

Geller was more blunt. “Without any doubt, this will be the fate of every major European city if mass immigration continues,” she argued. “Shariah supremacists will use our democratic process in order to destroy democracy.”

The campaign also comes at a time when the UK Labour Party is gripped in a crisis over anti-Semitism.

Several members of Labour have been suspended for anti-Jewish posts on social media and party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to issue a statement promising not to tolerate anti-Semitism within the party. Former London mayor Kevin Livingstone, a fiery member of the Labour Party nicknamed “Red Ken,” was recently suspended after he alleged Adolf Hitler was a supporter of Zionism before the Holocaust.

Britain’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis recently blasted Labour for having a “problem” of anti-Semitism. However, Rabbi Mirvis was unlikely to give his opinion of Labour at the polling station after he and many others were unable to vote following a reported “administrative effort” which plagued a Conservative-voting borough with a large Jewish population.

However the Labour Party responds, Davis says as it becomes more reliant on Muslim voters it will naturally become more anti-Jewish.

“Islam itself is profoundly anti-Jewish,” Davis charged. “Islam sees Jews as inherently disobedient to Allah and to proper conceptions of right and wrong. Jews are Muslims’ inveterate enemies, even more so than Christians. Whatever the purported anti-Semitism of some of the Labour establishment, bias against Jews in general can only increase as Islam establishes a footing in London and throughout British politics.”

Geller also believes the Labour Party has jettisoned its moral compass in return for Muslim votes.

“It’s sold out entirely to the Islamic supremacist point of view,” she charged. “The left is a servant of the jihad agenda.”

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