London’s Muslim mayor’s big lie

By Amir George

In one of his first interviews following his strange election as mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said, “Islam is compatible with the West.”

No, Mr. Mayor, Mohammedanism and the West are not compatible!

It was a regular day in the quiet, cool village of Mahoudi, just north of Dohuk in Northern Iraq.

Suddenly, Mohammedans advanced toward the Christian village. The villagers escaped minutes before they arrived, knowing that they would have only three choices – convert to Mohammedanism, pay the infidel tax or be executed on the spot.


No, a hundred years ago, in 1915.

Among those villagers who escaped with the clothes on their back, across the border into Iran, to Russia, then to London and then to Chicago where they finally found freedom were my precious grandparents Samuel and Martha.

They shouldn’t have had a to leave!

They were Assyrian Christians, and Iraq was the first country to accept Christianity and the greatest missionary-sending nation in history, sending missionaries to bring the gospel first to Europe and Asia.

There was no “live and let live” – there was only “live or die.”

Has anything changed?

It was 2008.

A ring of the doorbell and my dear friend and relative Shadrach answered the door in Baghdad.

Two polite men announced, “We are visiting the homes in this neighborhood. We would like to to let you know that this is now part of the Islamic Republic of Iraq, and we are providing three choices – convert to Mohammedanism, pay the infidel tax or your home will be blown up.”

Smiling, they quietly excused themselves.

A hundred years and nothing has changed.

A hundred years later and nothing has changed for a reason.

Read the inspiring story of the Christian Iraqis who pre-dated Muslims and have struggled for survival — Amir George’s “Liberating Iraq: The Untold Story of the Assyrian Christians”

The Quran, the “bible” of Mohammedanism, is where it all comes from.

In verse 9:5 it says clearly:

“When the sacred months are passed, kill the kafirs wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush. If they submit to Islam, observe prayer, and pay the poor tax, then let them go their way. Allah is gracious and merciful.”

The “kafirs” are us!

The reason the same thing is happening today just as it did a hundred year ago to our family as it did a thousand years ago to the poor Christians in Iraq and throughout the world is very simple: It is a commandment!

Unfortunately, Mohammedanism is not compatible with a free society because it is not an option.

Islamic historians tell us that in A.D. 627 Muhammad beheaded over 700 men and boys of the Qurayza tribe in Medina, Arabia. By committing this act of barbarism, the prophet was able to accomplish his long-stated goal of wiping the ancient tribe “off the map.”

The Quran says in addition:

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks” (47:4).

And in 8:12: “When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

The fundamental bedrock of a free society is freedom of thought.

The fundamental bedrock of the Quran as stated in its very verses is “believe or you die.”

A hundred years ago, my precious grandparents, Samuel and Martha, were forced – exactly as ISIS does today – from their quiet, beautiful village of Mahoudi, and forever our lives were changed.

I visited our village a while back, and it broke my heart.

All that remained was rubble and broken homes, and yet in the middle, on the site of the former church, was a huge Mohammedan mosque with a sign indicating that it had been built with funds from Saudi Arabia.

Nothing could be more clear.

First, it is the fundamental teaching of the Quran.

Second, when Mohammedans take over, there is only one option – submit or die.

Why does Khan say that?

There is another part of the Quran that explains that as well.

It is a teaching called “takiyya,” which allows the faithful to hide their beliefs and actions when dealing with “kufar,” or non-Muslim authorities.

From Arabic, it translates roughly to “expedient duplicity.”

In other words, lying is another core teaching of the Quran.

I was told this story, directly from one of the student who flew back to Iran with Khomeini from France.

It was six months after the beginning of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Khomeini had promised so much – free food, free homes, free everything, which drove the masses to rise up against the shah of Iran.

Six months later, nothing had happened.

Instead women were forced to cover their heads, the former “Paris of the Middle East,” Tehran, was shutting down, and it was clear that the students who had devoted themselves to Khomeni were confused.

“Teacher, it is six months, but we are not seeing the promises we made to the people.”

Khomeni looked at the well-meaning students with steely eyes and said coldly, “I lied.”

No, Mr. Khan, Mohammedanism is not compatible with the West for the fundamental reason that the Quran does not allow it.

Spend some time reaching your own holy book.

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