Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, took umbrage with Donald Trump’s long-lasting characterization of Sen. Ted Cruz as a liar and said on national television he would unify under the presumptive GOP presidential pick if only he would apologize for his campaign antics that slurred “the most honorable guy” in the White House race.

During a Fox Business discussion with Stuart Varney, Gohmert agreed unifying under Trump would be a good thing for the party, and for the GOP’s chances to win the White House this year, but added that Trump should extend an olive branch that includes a mea culpa.

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“Yes, I have adopted a call to unity,” Gohmert said. “But the way to unity after you had Donald Trump lie repeatedly – and I mean, heavens to besty, accusing the most honorable guy in the race of all kinds of dishonesty. No. But and then … to finally win [and] he goes after his father, says he helped Lee Harvey Oswald. I mean, there’s an apology out. I mean, he besmirched Carly [Fiorina].”

Gohmert then added: “As a Christian, Stewart, if he apologizes, then yes, I will forgive him and come on board.”

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Gohmert then spoke with disfavor of a campaign commercial that uses quotes from Trump and pointed to the possibility of such ads actually causing the Republicans to lose control of the House.

Varney, in response, told Gohmert that Trump most likely won’t apologize, and that the party members ought to back him for president regardless, else face the consequences of handing over the election to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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“Well no,” Gohmert said, “Donald Trump will be giving it to Hillary. His only way to beat Hillary is to be honest from here forward. The way to go forward and win is to be honest from here on. I mean, holy cow, here are all these just condemnations of women, nasty comments [about] women. He’s got a lot to overcome, but if he gets honest about them, we’ll come together, we’ll unify.”

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