Sen. Mike Lee

Sen. Mike Lee

Utah Sen. Mike Lee, who’s been generally regarded as one of the Republican Party’s stronger voices on traditional conservative and tea party-type principles – hardly an establishment politician – nonetheless stepped squarely into the perceived insider political camp, where Speaker Paul Ryan currently stands, and announced deep disapproval for the leading choice of voters, Donald Trump.

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“[Trump] scares me to death,” Lee said, the Washington Examiner reported.

Lee has backed Sen. Ted Cruz for president.

“I have not supported Donald Trump up to this point,” Lee said, during a town-hall meeting conducted by telephone with constituents. “I have not endorsed him. I have some concerns with him. He scares me to death; so does Hillary Clinton. There is no easy choice right now.”

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Lee’s remarks somewhat mimic what Ryan’s put forth in recent days about Trump. The speaker has announced reluctance to endorse Trump, and has even said he would step down from his position as Republican National Committee chairman if the billionaire businessman asked him. Voters, in response, have launched a petition to oust Ryan from his RNC chairman role, accusing him of betraying not just his party, but also the interests and desires of his constituents and voters, as WND reported.

Lee has indicated his views of Trump might change, but couldn’t say when.

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“I’m going to continue to watch this,” he said, in apparent reference to Trump’s campaign rhetoric, or to perhaps the shifting of polls. “I’ll make the decision as best I can, but I’m not there yet.”

Lee rode a wave of tea-party sentiment into office in 2010, winning his primary against an incumbent Republican with a vow to uphold limited government principles.

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