When an American suggests sealing our border to block illegal immigration, he or she can expect to be called a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe.

So, many Americans keep their mouths shut.

But, when given a chance to vote for a candidate who supports their position, they take the chance.

That’s why the only people left standing in the Republican primaries were those who pledged to shut the border and build a big wall. If you didn’t take that position, you were eliminated early from contention for the presidential nomination.

What about the other side – the Democrats? The Democrats don’t believe in building walls – unless it’s the newly planned 14-foot-high wall being built around the White House. Democrats like open borders because it means more voters for their party – more dumb constituents who believe the Democrats are really going to take care of everyone, providing them with food, shelter, child care, medical care, welfare, jobs if they want them, cellphones, whatever.

I raise this issue today because of an interesting communication I received from a gentleman from India.

He is perplexed about why America and Europe feel compelled to accept massive numbers of Middle Eastern “refugees.”

Here are his key questions and points:

  • “There are oppressed people in many nations,” he said accurately.
  • “When there are many poor people in Eastern Europe, why invite Syrians, instead of helping them fight ISIS?” he asked.
  • As to the issue of the “low fertility rate” in Germany, “why couldn’t poor Eastern Europeans be invited? Or even our Indians?”
  • Why were the so-called “Syrians allowed just to barge in?”
  • “Are people from all nations, where there is strife, eligible to travel and get integrated with Europeans? How about Balochis, Kashmiris and many others? Why the special treatment for Syrians?”

This gentleman from India is obviously well-educated. He’s a doctor. But his entire letter was deferential, repeatedly suggesting he may not entirely understand the situation.

Guess what? He understands it as well as any frustrated American or European.

What is happening in America and Europe is inexplicable except in the terms I outlined at the beginning of this column. It’s really about three things:

  • For the establishment Republicans who run Congress, it’s about providing cheap labor to businesses that contribute to their political campaigns.
  • For the Democrats, it’s about building their constituency of miserable people who believe their unsustainable promises to provide everyone with everything they need if they just keep voting Democrat.
  • The last thing it’s all about is “globalization.” John Kerry came out and said it last weekend at a college commencement where he told graduates they should prepare to live in a “borderless world.”

Why do some people want a “borderless world”?

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Because the elite don’t like being accountable to the people and the rule of law. In the kind of global village they envision creating, there won’t be any votes, and they will be the law.

It’s so clear what’s happening that a clear-thinking person across the world in India can see it.

Hey, there are unhappy, oppressed, exploited people all over the world! Why not just let them all in? Why not throw open the gates to everyone who wants to immigrate to Europe or the U.S.? Should we empty out China, India?

What if half of China marched out and headed for Europe? Would they be accepted?

What if the people on every 747 from China landing in the U.S. decided to stay? Would that be acceptable?

Why is it that Middle East “refugees” have the right to just walk into Europe and take over? Isn’t that an act of war, or at least aggression?

Why does the U.S. have an obligation to accept more than 10 percent of the population of Mexico, which already lives in the U.S.?

And what about the national security threat unknown, undocumented immigrants pose to the countries they overrun?

There are answers.

And they are increasingly self-evident. It’s just astonishingly hard to believe how bad those answers are.

See video illustrating immigration to U.S. since 1820:

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