Giant store where "Ebony Belcher" was removed from ladies' restroom by a security guard (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

Giant store where “Ebony Belcher” was removed from ladies’ restroom by a security guard (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

A female security guard has been arrested and is being accused of a so-called “hate crime” after she physically escorted a man out of a women’s restroom in a Washington, D.C., grocery store.

"Ebony Belcher" (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

“Ebony Belcher” (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

The young black man, identified as Ebony Belcher, refused to leave the Giant grocery store because he said he identifies as a woman, the Daily Caller reported.

When she saw Belcher enter the ladies’ room, the security guard ordered him to leave. He refused, and she physically escorted him out.

After Belcher was removed, he called police to have the security guard arrested, according to the report.

D.C. police told NBC-4 that the security guard was arrested and charged with assault. They told the Daily Caller they’re treating the incident as a “suspected hate crime.”

Sign the petition demanding an end to the madness! No men in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms or showers! Just say no!

Belcher claimed the security guard told him, “You guys cannot keep coming in here and using our women’s restroom. They did not pass the law yet.”

He claimed he was emotionally traumatized by the security guard’s actions.

“[T]he woman had no reason to put her hands on me,” Belcher told WJLA-TV 7. “I’m hurt by this. It’s terrible. … I’m distraught. People should not be discriminated [against] based on their gender identity.”

But a female shopper was thankful for the security guard’s efforts to safeguard the privacy of women in the restroom.

“If you was born a man, go to the men’s bathroom,” shopper Deana Chisholm told WJLA-TV 7. “You got a penis, go to the men’s bathroom. If you are born a woman, go to the women’s bathroom. Period!”

Giant shopper Deana Chisholm (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

Giant shopper Deana Chisholm (Photo: Screenshot, WJLA-TV 7)

Meanwhile, in other transgender news: Target – a retail chain that announced on April 19 that it would let men claiming to be women use its women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms – is now suffering a $10 billion stock crash after more than 1.2 million Americans signed a petition to boycott the stores.

Target executives told reporters the store’s second-quarter sales from April to June may plummet as much as 2 percent from the previous year.

And that figure is “horrendous,” says Jim Cramer, founder of The, a business news website.


However, Target executives deny that the major boycott has made a significant impact on the retail chain’s numbers.

But, reports:

“We have seen a noticeable slowdown post-Easter,” Target CFO [chief financial officer] Cathy Smith said on a call with reporters. Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, who was also on the call, blamed the slowdown on unfavorable weather trends in the Northeast and volatile economic trends.

Cornell also said the company has not seen a “material” impact to its overall business from the protests, but has seen some hit to sales in a “handful” of stores. He declined to quantify the extent of the hit, however.

Target experienced a drop in the first quarter as well. According to the Associated Press, the retail giant had anticipated sales growth in new stores to hit 1.6 percent, but it only saw a 1.2 percent growth.

Sign the petition demanding an end to the madness! No men in girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms or showers! Just say no!

As far as investors are concerned, Target is a risky bet.

“Target is now a question … because the degredation of Target from month to month to month has them confused,” Cramer said. “Apparel [sales] is not good, electronics is not good, the [earnings] guidance is horrendous.”

Since it implemented its new bathroom and dressing room policy, Target’s stocks have plummeted 20 percent – from $84 a share to $67 a share. That loss represents a $10 billion loss from the overall shareholder value of the company.


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