WARNING: Graphic content. Apologies in advance.

Parents and teachers frequently nag children to wash and sanitize their hands.

So, who’s going to nag parents to sanitize their Holiday Inn hotel rooms? And also bleach and fumigate?

Here’s the problem: You just don’t know what may have taken place there the night before.

For instance, let’s say you’re a family traveling though suburban Cleveland this week, and you opt to stay at the Holiday Inn Cleveland-South in Independence.

You might want to think again if you learn about the CLAW convention held there April 28 to May 1. The co-host hotel was the nearby Embassy Suites–Rockside. CLAW stands for “Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend.”

These are sado-masochists, as in whips, chains, handcuffs– you get the picture. And body fluids.

It wasn’t a small group. Over 300 Holiday Inn rooms were booked by participants. My pro-family colleague Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth began investigating when he learned about this decadent event.

CLAW featured private workshops teaching the most depraved human activities imaginable short of murder. CLAW appeals mostly to homosexual males who are so lost, they employ bondage, spanking, role playing as slaves or animals, and dabbling in human waste products as the core activity of intimate relationships with other humans.

After these workshops, just imagine the follow-up sexual acts that surely took place in the privacy of rooms – rooms occupied the next night by your 5 and 7-year-old children or grandchildren.

And we are supposed to buy the notion that this is an acceptable variation of “normal” sexual activity? That only works if you are possessed by demons who convince you this debauchery is pleasurable.

As Christians, we are to have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather to expose them (Ephesians 5:11). What tiny fraction of Americans even know that Holiday Inns, Embassy Suites and other hotel chains host such events?

Or worse, that a sizable number of people have so completely lost touch with healthy and functional sexual intimacy, and anything resembling human dignity and self-respect, that they engage in such conduct? Or that they attend a depravity-themed convention?

Events like this are a public health and safety disaster and a direct result of the tolerance of homosexual behavior now being forced on America.

Homosexual America, this is on you.

CLAW’s programming qualifies under “non-discrimination” in “public accommodations,” based on “sexual orientation,” right? America is supposed to yawn as we learn that master-slave demos, electric-shock “play” and blood-letting sadism – performed “safely,” of course – is occurring in mainstream hotels in suburban Cleveland.

And it’s taking place in the conference and banquet rooms that, in the days following, will host your business meeting.

Or your niece’s wedding.

A recently passed Mississippi law is considered by ever-screeching homosexual activists to be an example of “discrimination” because it would presumably allow a Christian hotel owner to turn down events like this without being sued. It makes a lot more sense once people learn how radical the expectations of homosexual activists are or how common outrageous events like this are becoming.

Yet where are all those Christian-owned hotel chains? America is becoming a wasteland of diabolical, high-risk secular values, strewn with the sleazy wreckage of “tolerance.”

Here are examples of a few of the CLAW workshops: “Humiliation Play: Hot, Edgy and Dangerous”; “Spanking: How I Learned to Love Daddy’s Belt”; “The Fluid Nature of Assertive Boys” ( and “boy” here refers – I think – to the “slave” in a kind of master-slave relationship).

And there’s also instruction about having a “Private Play Party,” described as follows: “The private play party – somewhere between a spontaneous three-way and a public dungeon – is an important part of leather culture.”

I’m sure it is.

And let’s not forget “Fisting, A to Z” with – wait for it – a “hands-in” demonstration ( sorry!). One can never forget that this bodily assault sexual practice was recommended to students as young as 14 at a Massachusetts workshop sponsored a few years ago by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

This is what homosexuals bring to our culture – new and creative ways to gleefully corrupt as many as possible, including other people’s children.

And lest you think I am making tenuous connections to the active, intentional molestation of youth by the homosexual subculture, CLAW is set up as a charity with the following mission: “CLAW Corp. is a certified 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation dedicated to fundraising, education, volunteerism and all other charitable needs of the adult leather community. We are dedicated to the principle that people into leather are normal, happy and healthy, and that we teach each other the truth of that principle. We produce a large annual convention (the Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) in Cleveland, Ohio every year, and several smaller CLAW Nation events around the country throughout the year.”

So, CLAW collects contributions via their sado-masochism conventions and donates to a whole range of homosexual groups, including GLSEN – Northern Ohio.

Other recipients of CLAW contributions are Equality Ohio (the major Ohio homosexual group pushing homosexuality as marriage and government-backed civil rights for homosexual behavior); the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland; the AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland; the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; Cleveland Pride; PFLAG; and more, to the tune of nearly $593,000 donated by CLAW to various causes.

Claiming identity as an alleged “charity” can’t put a happy face on this debauchery. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “blood money.” But it’s really not a joke. This filth is a stain on Cleveland, the state of Ohio and America, and when homosexual groups receive money willingly from people like this, it is a clear indicator their souls have been sold to the devil. Literally.

So, about taking the family to that Holiday Inn? Hopefully, there’s another hotel option that skips the body fluids.

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