President Obama has used his bully pulpit in the past few weeks to tell North Carolina and the rest of the nation that men who say they are women must be allowed to share bathrooms and showers with women and girls.

And he’s ordered essentially the same thing for public schools, under the threat of losing federal funding.

The latest moves in his sexual-alternative agenda, which many commentators are describing as an “obsession,” follow his advocacy for “same-sex marriage” and for transgenders in the military and governmental positions.

Just say no! The petition that rejects Barack Obama’s transgender agenda.

Critics say Obama’s policy gives perverts the opportunity to attack women and children.

The president’s supporters are demanding evidence, and now the non-profit legal group Liberty Counsel has responded.

While it’s too soon to know the impact of the recent changes, the organization has posted a list of 50 instances in which a man assaulted, attacked, endangered or harassed a girl or a woman in a women’s restroom or locker room. Only a few dating back further than five or six years ago.

See Liberty Counsel’s long website list of men attacking women or children in restrooms and locker rooms.

For example, only last month, James Thomas Shoemaker, 19, was accused in Pennsylvania of using a phone “to look at 10-year-old girls in Sheetz restroom.”

“The girl told her mother, who was waiting for her outside the bathroom, that a man was in the adjoining stall using his cell phone camera to record her has she used the facilities. Employees called the police, who found the man still in the bathroom an hour later, using his phone to access pornography, while in the stall, as well as using the camera on the phone to look under other stalls in order to view women next to him.”

Included is a link to the original report by a Fox affiliate.

The report said police say Shoemaker “intentionally went into the women’s bathroom, and while he was in there he used his phone to access pornographic images on his web browser.”

“Shoemaker then used his phone’s camera to look over the stall to see into the adjoining stall that was occupied by the victim. The suspect also used his phone/camera to look under the stall door to see if anyone else was in the women’s bathroom.”

In an interview on the topic with Alan Colmes, a left-leaning talk show host, Anita Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, said women need to be armed and to avoid places, such as Target stores, where they know they could meet a man in the restroom.

She had tweeted earlier: “I’m taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room. It identifies as my bodyguard.”

She told Colmes, who challenged her on whether transgender restroom laws would have any impact on crimes, that she already had a list of at least 20 different crimes in Target restrooms. The store chain recently announced its policy of allowing people to use restrooms and changing rooms according to their gender “identity.”

She said the impact of the new policies may not have changed statistics already, but it puts “a bull’s-eye on the women.”

See the interview:

“The perverts out there are actually targeting women and they know they get away with it,” she told Colmes.

The blog Before It’s News reported a man who had been convicted as a voyeur approached Target staffer Candace Spivey and told her a story about shopping for a dress for his wife.

But Spivey recognized the man and the story he was telling because he had tried it on her several years before when she worked at another store. She turned on her phone camera and videoed him as he fled from the store and across the parking lot (be forewarned about offensive language).

He later was arrested for reckless driving while fleeing, and reports say police now are asking other women to come forward if they were approached the same way.

Another case on Liberty Counsel’s long list took place in February at a women’s locker room in Seattle where an unidentified male entered and began to undress.

“Women went to the staff who asked the man to leave, but the man stated that since Washington law had changed, he had a right to be in the locker room of his choice.”

And last last year, in William County, Virginia, police reported a “peeper dressed like a woman” was arrested at Potomac Mills.

“Man dressed as woman suspected of filming multiple women, including a woman and her 5-year-old daughter, in mall restrooms. The suspect in multiple incidents, a 30-year-old man used a bag to conceal a camera to film women as they used the restroom facilities.”

Other cases come from Fort Myers, Florida; England; Palmdale, California; Bakersfield, California; Dalls: and Everett, Washington, where a man admitted he took a shower in the women’s locker room “for purposes of sexual gratification.”

A man undressed in front of children in a Walmart restroom, another man wore a women’s swim suit and exposed himself to children and another unidentified male was being sought for indecent exposure to children ages 5-10.

Said Liberty Counsel: “Laws and policies allowing men open access to private spaces designed for women puts women at risk of attack. Increasing publicity will make women and girls targets for rapists, pedophiles and voyeurs.”

The organization said new reports of attacks were being added to the list.

Just say no! The petition that rejects Barack Obama’s transgender agenda.

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