Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want us to believe that the disappearance of American jobs in “the new global economy” is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nearly a half century ago, radical leftists sought to “fundamentally transform America.” Their efforts brought about the liquidation of white blue-collar working families in an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse.

The decimation of America’s middle class and industrial strength is a case of murder, not accidental death. It was done with premeditation, malice and forethought.

The latest evidence comes from Thomas Frank, a man of the left and former Wall Street Journal columnist. His new book, “Listen, Liberal,” exposes how elements of the radical left, the Clinton family and Wall Street coalesced into an unholy alliance that led to the death of white working class Americans.

The story begins in the 1960s with the rise of the “youth culture” and the New Left, student activists who were smoking dope, taking over college buildings and sporting Che Guevara T-shirts and Viet Cong flags while protesting the Vietnam War.

The New Left sneered at white, blue-collar men as racists and the labor unions that represented them as bastions of white privilege that must be destroyed. After all, it was AFL-CIO construction workers who beat up anti-war protesters in the Hard Hat Riot of 1970, and white working-class voters were George Wallace’s base in his bids for the presidency. And in fact, many unions did have an ugly history of excluding minorities and women.

Following the bloody riots at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago and the Democrats’ subsequent loss to Richard Nixon, the radical left captured the Democratic Party.

Their first order of business was to purge men who work for a living from positions of influence in the party, though they had been the muscle of Democratic power since Franklin Roosevelt.

The far left executed its takeover through the McGovern-Fraser Commission, formally known as the Commission on Party Structure and Delegate Selection. The new rules eliminated blue-collar men and replaced them with upper-middle class activists whose agendas revolved around campus issues of abortion-on-demand feminism, environmentalism and affirmative action, rather than working people’s concerns of decent pay and decent jobs.

The director of the AFL-CIO’s political arm saw what was coming and said, “We aren’t going to let these Harvard-Berkeley Camelots take over our party.” He was wrong. They did.

The Democratic Party’s new bosses were born of and members of the privileged professional class. They saw a future where no one toiled in factories, where the entire country would be like them – college educated “symbolic analysts” who work with their heads, not their hands. This is the “post-industrial new economy” the Clintons and Obama tout as “inevitable,” though it’s actually a social engineering experiment on an unprecedented scale.

The party cadres set out to build their brave new world and threw their class enemies – read: white working people – under the bus. It is in this context that we understand how Clinton and the New Democrats pushed so-called “free trade” deals like NAFTA and Obamatrade, corporatist schemes that move America’s manufacturing assets – and jobs – to Mexico, China and elsewhere. If you believe, as do the leftists, that America has more than it deserves and Americans are racists, the global redistribution of our wealth – even if it means the death (literally) of American working people – is a desired outcome, a feature not a bug.

The social engineers of the left found plenty of useful idiots and knowing enablers to help them in their project to fundamentally transform America.

Professional environmentalists enthusiastically embraced America’s de-industrialization, ignoring the fact that unregulated industries in China and Mexico are far more destructive to air, water, forests and the people who depend on them than any of America’s EPA-supervised factories. Many of the tree-huggers who weren’t consciously espousing a return to a pre-industrial era had nevertheless bought into the “America is bad” mindset prevalent on the left.

Race-conscious warriors, displaying group solidarity or guilt, were pleased to see the jobs of Americans moving to the Third World. The talk about “raising a billion people out of extreme poverty around the world” ignores the metastasizing cancer of slavery in the export-oriented industries of Asia and the wholesale violations of human and property rights by Third World dictators and crony capitalists.

Yet the radical left found its most powerful and willing partner in the most unlikely of places: Wall Street.

It was the Clintons who struck the devil’s bargain. Wall Street wanted cheap labor, the Clintons wanted Wall Street money for themselves and their party. For thirty pieces of silver, they sold out working Americans. (The Republican establishment and other elements of the GOP coalition were also down with the program.)

And so, dear readers, that is how the death of American working class whites – documented by the Centers for Disease Control – was spawned by the radical left and aided and abetted by useful idiots and willing executioners at the highest levels of American politics, academia and business.

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