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Trump to Clinton: 'Time to get it on!'

Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Party nominee for president, gave a rousing call-out to likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of Kentucky’s primary, taking to his traditional method of communication, Twitter, to dare her boldly: “Time to get it on!”

His tweet, after the Associated Press reported it too close to call in Kentucky between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders: “I look so forward to debating Crooked Hillary Clinton! Democrat Primaries are rigged, e-mail investigation is rigged – so time to get it on!”

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Clinton ultimately emerged as the apparent winner of Kentucky, though she will split the delegate votes with Sanders. Sanders, however, won Oregon, 53 percent to 47 percent.

Trump’s tweet came on the heels of an earlier one from his camp that suggested she ought to leave behind her White House aspirations and drop from the race if she couldn’t win Kentucky by a large margin.

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“Do you think Crooked Hillary will finally close the deal? If she can’t win Kentucky, she should drop out of race,” Trump tweeted. “System rigged!”

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His reference was to the Democratic Party’s nominating system of superdelegates that has come under wide fire in recent weeks, because it allows a candidate who’s lagging in the popular vote – Clinton – to still lead in the delegate count.

Trump has been expressing enthusiasm to debate Clinton for some time, vowing to take her to task for her email scandal and for Benghazi, when four Americans were killed during her secretary of state watch, and insisting he could handily beat her in the general election vote for president.