Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the April 14 debate in Brooklyn, New York (Photo: CNN screenshot)

Democratic Party candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the April 14 debate in Brooklyn, New York (Photo: CNN screenshot)

Remember when Rush Limbaugh threw a monkey-wrench into the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries by urging Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton to prolong a campaign in which Barack Obama had stolen her political thunder and beaten her in 11 straight states?

Hillary went on to win Ohio and Texas shortly after the king of talk radio began promoting the idea. Then she won Pennsylvania. and Rush declared an “operational pause” in what he called “Operation Chaos.” This coincided with stories about Obama’s spiritual guru, Jeremiah Wright, that seemed to present a major stumbling block for him.

When the so-called “mainstream” news media gave Obama a pass on Wright, Rush lifted the “operational pause,” urging Republicans to resume the strategy in the upcoming primaries in North Carolina and Indiana.

Obama won North Carolina, but Hillary won Indiana.

I don’t have quite the megaphone Rush does, but I would like to suggest Republicans can still make their votes count this primary season – especially in California – by crossing over and voting for Bernie Sanders.

I know it sounds distasteful. I know it sounds repugnant. But it could produce tremendous results – and deny that witch the delegates she needs to win.

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For me, a long-time California voter, it would be the next best thing to an indictment of Hillary.

Can it work? Well, as of today, there are still 12 days left to re-register in California – as Democrats. Many Republicans probably won’t even bother to vote since Trump has the nomination all but locked up. Also, Trump is going to win California going away anyway. What could help him more than throwing another monkey wrench into Hillary’s party?

What I am suggesting is that Republicans in California have an opportunity to play a pivotal role, unlikely as it may seem at this late date, in the primaries. But it will require them to doing something crazy – vote for Bernie.

Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, a Libertarian, an independent of whatever. Make history before May 22 and go for the Bern.

Why bother? Because Hillary should have been indicted by now. Clearly she won’t be charged with multiple felony counts of breaking national security laws by Obama’s Justice Department. Beating her in California would be sweet justice, dare I say “sweet revenge.”

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As one person pushing this idea told me: “If we all do this, we can make a difference and keep the lying hillbilly criminal out of our politics. You will still be able to vote for whoever you want in the general election in November, party affiliation only applies to the presidential primary.”

I love it!

I endorse it!

If you are confused about the registration process in California, check out this website.

But remember, you still need to re-register by May 22 for Bernie’s name to appear on your ballot.

Are you in?

Oh, how I wish I still lived in California right now. I would do this in a heartbeat. The idea represents a “force multiplier” for the impact of your vote.

I’m sending this column to my old buddy Rush, but maybe some of you who catch the importance of this project can call in to his radio show this week and see if he’ll join the fun.

I have no doubts that his campaign was successful at taking some states away from Obama in 2008 and causing the Democrats some agonizing moments of anguish. But this year, the campaign could actually deny Hillary the nomination and stick the Democrat Party with an avowed socialist at the top of the ticket.

Would that be amazing?

Get the word out now, California Republicans. Time is short. Hillary is counting on California.

Let’s give her a surprise!

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